costco tents

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a while ago,,, ok literally fifteen minutes ago i scrolled through your slbp tag like the stalker i am n noticed u love kanetsugu a.k.a my mom,,, do u have any headcanons of him? with kenshin, or ai, or his brothers, a n y t h i n g for that precious short angry but always numero uno mom???

boy i fuckin love kanetsugu cause he’s short as hell but fine as hell and is an a+ dad BUT WHERE WAS AI IN MODERN DAY? I NEED TO KNOW?

  • kanetsugu needs to tiptoe to grab kenshin by the fucking ear sometimes
  • has a talent of rolling a paper into a scroll in 0.5 seconds because he needs to smack kenshin with something but thank god scrolls are usually already rolled
  • modern day kanetsugu loses kenshin in stores and one time kanetsugu found kenshin inside of a tent at costco and no one knows how he got up there
  • ai could cook better than him he burns rice
  • kanetsugu’s tolerance is so high he stopped drinking because kenshin stressed his ass out
  • kanetsugu is kind of glad women are banned because he never understood why girls kept following him when he was younger
  • he was too busy heart eyeing his WIFE he’s a loyal man
  • when he was a kid though girls would never leave him alone and it infuriated him because the only thing he cared about was studying
  • he’s been a straight arrow since he was a kid and it’s already canon he was a goddamn prodigy so
  • he knows he’s hot as hell but his brothers still roast him cus he’s short honestly ai one day could pass him in height
  • kanetsugu used to be the tallest of his siblings but then he just stopped growing
  • has a Kenshin Sense™ like if kenshins up to some tom foolery he Knows and somewhere in this world kanetsugu is enjoying his tea and u suddenly hear a “GOD DAMMIT, KENSHIN
  • that applies to modern day too but modern day kanetsugu checks kenshin’s instagram and will see he ditched an event to go four leaf clover hunting
  • is never in drama because he’s a good man and simply watches everyone else’s lives burn because of their stupidity but has to clean of kenshin’s drama 96% of the time
  • his life span is shortened by five months every time kenshin finds something new to hoard

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How long were they in the tent? Is it enclosed so they know nobody can see then? Did you get photos or videos of them coming out of the tent?

They were in the tent on and off throughout the evening. It’s one of those black Costco event tents that has flaps so you can’t see into it unless someone walks in. Miller never went in and everyone left them alone in there until it was a PA’s turn to call them to set.

I mean, I’m not sure how it didn’t fucking ignite into flames. SO HOT THOSE TWO.