Danielle Fortich — Accepted!

I, V, personally enjoy reading your app !! It gave me so much Danielle vibes. Down from the headcanons to the sample para, I could see that you understood the character and have a good grasp on your writing. It’s like as if kilalang kilala mo na talaga si Danielle and I do believe that trusting this role to you would be, without a doubt, the best decision yet that I’ve made. I know you’ll give this character some justice and we’re excited to see whatelse you have for our little star..! So Welcome to Harlowe Coast, Andrea !! Please send in your account within twenty-four hours.

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DANIELLE FORTICH ; Janella Salvador. 17 // TAKEN

t h e    c h a r a c t e r .

On the surface, Danielle Fortich seems to have it all. An actress and singer on the stage, with her face plastered on countless magazine covers, record breaking album sales. She’s become a household name, with fame, fortune, and success at her tanned, manicured fingertips. Yet, despite all of this, she somehow manages to keep a level head and actually feels that her talent is merely the product of what she was taught from a young age, and has little to do with her at all. In fact, if anyone truly knew her, they’d know she was far from the picture perfect girl the media painted her to be. Before Danielle was born, her mother had been an actress herself, but never found much success, so when she had Dani, she vowed that she would do anything she could to give her daughter the success she could never achieve. From infancy, her mother thrust her into the entertainment industry, auditioning her for countless commercials, tv shows, movies, and anything else she could find to get her only daughter in the spotlight. She had been mildly successful, until finally, when she was 3, she had gotten a role as the youngest daughter in a soon-to-be hit TV show, that gave her the success and attention her mother so craved. That role opened the doorway to bigger roles, both on television and on the big screen, giving her a platform to bigger and better things. If there’s one thing growing up in such a fast paced, cutthroat environment taught her, however, it was to keep herself guarded, and guarded she became. She keeps an optimistic front, coming off as kind and welcoming to others, but inside, she’s just a scared, timid little girl who is afraid to say what she really feels and to ever let anyone in. She feels hopelessly lost, and she feels like no one in the world truly understands her. Most of all, she just wants more than anything to find her place in the world, and to stop feeling like a pawn in her her mother’s quest for fame and fortune.

& &   t h e   c o n n e c t i o n s . 

Axel Alvarez. Close friends. Mas nauna pa si Dani sa showbiz industry kesa kay Axel, and she knew how much Axel wants to be famous someday, kaya naman she’s happy with Axel’s success right now. Her mother once picked Axel para makasama ni Dani sa isang commercial when they were kids, it’s no secret na bet na bet ng Mom niya si Axel and her. Dani only sees Axel as her “kuya” since mas matanda ito sa kanya, and sometimes helps him sa mga problems ni Axel. But there are times rin na medyo naiilang na siya with him lalo na in public, because sa kaka-”ship” ng mga fans nila sa each other, Dani can’t help but somewhat consider the idea of them being together. She also might have developed a crush on him but that’s a secret and she tries so hard to control her feelings and na wag magpadala sa iba.

Freya Laurel. Stuck to the hip you can say. Freya and Danielle have known each other since birth. Their families have known each other for a long time so it’s no surprise that they’re close as ever. No moment is ever dull with her.