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Honestly, I think Sam is going to crack. Between his long work hours, his charities, bizarre exercise regime, all this stupid drama, and his desperate need to be loved it's too much. In a way I kind of feel sorry for him. No one can keep that many balls up in the air. It looks to me as if a few strands are already starting to come undone. His behavior seems a bit erratic.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

I think it’s some kind of strange actor portfolio diversification plan. Very soon I expect there to be a Sam Heughan MPC food line. But you prob gotta join the new MPC VIP club and sign some sort of legal disclaimer stating that you are not now, nor ever were a shipper, nor have you ever been affiliated with Tumblr to get the free shipping and a 2% “friends and family” discount.

If you also follow “the most amazing actress that never really acted” on TW, you’ll get the once weekly bowel cleansing organic North Carolina Kale enema for free. Tweet a pic of yourself wearing one of those bizarre leather hand wrappings that looks like something the gimp wore in Pulp Fiction as seen on “the most amazing actress that never really acted” ’s Twitter feed and you’ll also get a commemorative rainbow iron on patch that doubles as your super secret wedding invitation to #shamziedowntheaisle summer 2018. It will be an IG story live feed event. He will be in Scotland. She’ll be in Seattle. So you’ll have to pick which feed to watch or just follow it all on Twitter as they exchange vows through tweets officiated by Shat. Instead of “kissing the bride” though, Cait will tweet out “I support my costar 💯”

A new start, part 10

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 3038

Warnings: Language

Part 9

“[Y/N]! [Y/N]!  You look amazing.  Who is your designer?”

Chris squeezed your hand as he moved to step behind you to let you have your time to shine.  You took a breath and stepped forward towards the woman.  With a bright smile, you told everyone about Mijael’s gorgeous creation.  There was no doubt that he was with his team all screaming every time you said his name.  It was the least you could do for the man.  Once all the fashion questions had been answered, the reporter eyed the handsome man behind you quickly before looking back to you. “So is Chris Evans here as your friend, supporting his costar… Or did something more develop between you on set?”

You had to laugh at the way the woman emphasized ‘more’.  Glancing back at Chris over your shoulder, it was hard to miss that giant grin on his face, or the wink he sent your way.  He loved every second of this.  “Chris is here to support me of course…”  

Not wanting to wait for the end of the sentence, Chris stepped up grabbing the microphone from the reporter.  “As her boyfriend,” he added to your statement.  That sent everyone within hearing distance into a tizzy.  You laughed, covering your now blush covered face. The reported started firing off many more questions until someone gently grabbed your arm pulling you towards the red carpet.

“[Y/N] has a lot of other people to talk to tonight.”  Petra, your publicist pulled you far enough away so you could take a moment to recover. “Girl, you need me around to keep you out of trouble and stuck talking to the same person.”

You hugged her quickly before introducing her to Chris.  After that, it was many more of the same questions being asked and answered along with a few that you chose to ignore.  One reporter had the nerve to bring up your ex, asking who was a better lover, David or Chris.  If Petra had not pulled you both away, Chris and you might have hit him.  It was all whirlwind until it was time to find your seats in the theater.  Once seated, your nerves got the better of you and your leg started to bounce. Chris laughed setting his hand on your knee.  “Baby, it will be fine.  You are getting way too anxious for this.  Just enjoy it.”

Leaning over, he kissed your temple lightly before smiling that smile of his that always caused your heart to beat out of your chest.  “That isn’t helping!”  He looked at your genuinely confused.


“You looking at me like that!  Looking so freaking hot in your tux and smiling at me as if I am the last woman on the planet.  You have no clue what that does to me.”  The goofball then laughed loudly enough to draw attention to himself, but he did not care.

“Good to know I drive you crazy almost as much as you drive me.”

“Ass.”  You teased, as you leaned over and stole kiss.  He smirked not minding one bit.  More people were starting to take their seats around you as the awards were about to start.  The purse in your hands started to vibrate from a message on your phone.  Pulling it out to look, you found it was from your mom. It was one of the pictures of you and Chris together all dressed up, with one word underneath it.


That woman was relentless and you could not prevent the sigh that escaped.  Chris raised a brow in question; laughing when you showed him exactly what it said.  Quickly you wrote a message back.

Thanks Mom for the well wishing

It took a minute because your mother was so slow at texting.  However, her response made you smile and tear up a bit.

[Y/N] [Y/M/N] you don’t need well wishes.  I know how talented you are and no matter what happens tonight you are still my best actress.

The lights dimmed in the theater as the music began.  This was it and your hands started to shake.  Chris put your phone away before holding your hands securely in his.  It was perhaps the only thing keeping your entire body from shaking.  The master of ceremonies spoke of the time honored tradition of the awards before moving into a musical number.  Your category was one of the final presentations of the night and by the time it came, you had gone to the bathroom three times to relieve your nervous bladder.

Then it was time.  The presenter of your category stepped up to the podium with a bright smile.  “Our next award for the evening is Best Actress.  The four women nominated for this award are some of Hollywood’s best and brightest. I am honored to be able to present this tonight.”  The three other actresses were announced first as you finished up the grouping. Chris leaned over quickly to whisper in your ear.

“When they say your name everyone is going to cheer and clap for you.  The world already loves you, [Y/N].  But none of them love you as much as I do.”  There was no time to react to his declaration.

“The award for Best Actress goes to… [Y/N] [Y/L/N] for Deep dark corner.”  The audience erupted into screams.  Clapping thundered throughout the theater.  Chris grinned as he forced you to stand.  He kissed you lightly before pushing you down the aisle.

Your speech was clutched in hand, as you stepped slowly onto the stage, ensuring you did not fall flat on your face.  The presenter hugged you before handing you the award and access to the podium to speak. It felt as though your heart was going to beat right out of your chest.

“I truly can’t believe this right now.  I don’t think I will be able to read this speech of my cards.  Wow, thank you so very much.  So many people to thank for this. Umm… first Amelia Maxwell for writing the wonderful screenplay that, honestly, scared me to death when I read it. For telling the story about her fight against schizophrenia and giving people the chance to experience a side of the condition most do not see.  My parents, who pushed me to do something outside of my comfort zone.  Our director Doug Hartman for helping me take on this role and believing in me.  As well as the entire crew, without who we could not have made such an amazing film.  Thank you all.  And Chris… I love you baby.  Thank you.” You lifted the trophy, grinning like a fool, as you were ushered off the stage by the presenter and one of the stagehands.  Holy crap… you just announced to the world that you were in love with Chris.

Immediately you were whisked off to be interviewed by a group of reporters.  Many asked about how you were feeling and what was next for you. Even more asked about your relationship with Chris.  The rapid-fire questions had your head spinning.  Before long, you were pulled towards one of the offices to sign your life away in regards to your trophy.  Required appearances and interviews would be necessary that evening.  The after-party with more reporters and those wanting to get their time in with you.  It was all so much at one time.  You never knew how much went on behind the scenes of these shows.  

It was at least an hour before you had a chance to get back to Chris.  By then the show was over and everyone was filing out of the theater. You were stopped a few times along the way to have people congratulate your win.  It was still such an odd thing to wrap your mind around, but here it was. You had really won and within a few months, you would have the trophy to display at home.  Well, that is if your mother did not steal it for herself to show off at her house.  Damn you might have to put it in a locked case to keep her away from it.  

Chris was standing, with your purse tucked under his arm, by your seats talking to Petra.  It was hard to miss the grin on his face when he saw you.  He pulled you close, kissing you as though it had been months since he had seen you last. “Couldn’t wait to tell the world how you feel about me?”

Laughing quietly you wrapped your arms around his neck.  He leaned his forehead against yours.  “Nope. Though I was still in shock from the bombshell, you dropped on me.  I couldn’t even read my speech.”  He stole another kiss before Petra spoke up from behind you.

“Ugh, you two are such sugary cuteness I am going to be sick.  Come on, you have other people to inflict this on tonight.”  The sarcasm in her voice was apparent and made both of you laugh, as you were lead out to the waiting limo.  On the drive to the first after party, you started to read a few of the texts you had received.

“That damn thing, I swear must have gone off fifty times in the first thirty seconds you walked to the stage.”  Chris laughed shaking his head.  Pulling out his own phone to text his parents.  “My family said ‘Congratulations. We are so happy for you.’

“Oh that is so sweet! Tell them, thank you.”  It meant a lot coming from his family.  Chris was right; you had a little over fifty messages from assorted family, friends, and acquaintances.  There would not be the time to be able to go through them all now.  You messaged your parents, your brother and your agent, thanking them and letting them all know you would talk to them in the morning.  Then you thought twice about it and sent a message to Mijael thanking him for the entire package tonight.  He sent back a picture of him blowing you a kiss.  

The first party of the night consisted of you talking to many people you did not know that were involved with the awards.  You smiled and answered questions when you were asked, all while making sure Chris was not far away.  This was one of the downfalls of winning for you, having to do all the PR stuff.  After a couple hours, you were given some breathing room to dance and have a good time.  Several glasses of champagne later you were feeling relaxed and able to show a true smile. Chris was being wonderful and had only had water so he could keep an eye on you while you enjoyed yourself.  

It was a wonderful night with so many important things happening.  Your lips were starting to dry out from how much you kissed Chris and how many people you had to talk to.  Excusing yourself for a moment, you needed to freshen yourself up and make sure you did not look a fright in front of all the cameras.  On your way back to find Chris, a voice stopped you.

“[Y/N].”  It was not a voice you wanted to hear tonight.  Not a face you wanted to see.  Nevertheless, you were not going to be outwardly rude, at least not in this public place.  

“David, I didn’t know you were here.”  Turning to look at him, he stood before you in a dark blue tuxedo.  

“I’m making my way around a few of the parties.  My agent thought I should get my face out there again, since I have been trying to lay low recently.  Since… well you know.”  Nodding you clutched your purse close against you.  


“I just wanted to congratulate you.  You deserved it.  The movie was amazing and you brought it to life.  There was no competition, it was yours.”  Nodding slightly, you smiled half-heartedly.  You did not want to be here, having this conversation with him.

“Thanks, it was a surprise to me.”  You took small steps, slowly making your way out of the hall towards the crowd.  

“Are you happy?  I mean you seem really happy.  I don’t know if I ever saw you smile that big before. You lit up the room.  But you always did.  [Y/N]… I miss you so much.  I’m in agony here.  I need…”  David took a step towards you, forcing you to take several steps backward.

“David, don’t.  I am happy.  Happier than I ever have been.  I am so crazy in love with Chris that I just declared it to the world. Speaking of which I need to get back to him. This and you aren’t going to ruin my night.  There is no chance for us again, ever.  Please move on.”  If you had not been wearing high heels you would have ran, but instead you walked as quickly as they would allow.  Chris walked up to you with a look of concern on his face.

“[Y/N] you okay?”  

“Yeah, fine.  You ready to go to the next party?  I think I am over this one.”  He searched your face for a moment, knowing that there was something more to it.  Thankfully, he decided not to press further.

“This is your night. I’m here to do anything you want. Let’s go if you want.”  Kissing you gently before he wrapped his arm around your shoulder leading you out towards the limo.  The rest of the night was amazing.  You had the chance to talk to friends and former costars.  One of your old directors dragged you on to the dance floor as he used to, when the crew would go out bar hopping.  Much more champagne was had and many more pictures were taken.  It was a good time for both you and Chris.  It was nice to not have to worry about the world finding out about your relationship.  Now you could just enjoy each other.

By 4 AM Chris had your purse under his arm again and both of your shoes tucked into the pockets of his jacket.  He had to help your drunk ass from the limo into the house.  Though, he was enjoying the giggly drunk version of yourself.  “Do you know how freaking hot you are?  Like I mean, reallllllly hot.  Damn and you’re all mine.”  You giggled loud as you spun around in your pretty dress in the living room.

“Yes ma’am all yours. You ready for bed?  You have to be exhausted.” Shaking your head wildly causing some wisps of hair to fall out of the clips.

“Nope, I wanna dance!  Dance with me.”  He laughed shaking his head.  Shrugging out of his jacket and pulling off the tie.  His shoes had already been left by the door.

“[Y/N], we have been dancing all night, baby.  You said your feet hurt.”

“No we danced for everyone else.  Now it’s just us.  Come on, pleeeeease.”  You pulled out the sad lip and batted your lashes at him.  There was no defense against the lip and the lashes; the man was already lost the moment he first laid eyes on you.  Turning on the music first, he wrapped you in his arms.  The song was slow but you did not hear it. You just wanted to look at his face.

“This what you wanted?”

“Mmmhmm.”  Several song played with neither of you saying a word. Just staring at the other and grinning like idiots.  At the beginning of the night, you had already decided you were not going to wait anymore. You wanted him more than anything else in this world and it was time you went further.  The award and his three little word declaration had turned the night upside down.  Nope you did not want to wait anymore.  Tonight you wanted it to end with the two of you together.  “I think I’m ready for bed.  Help me get this thing off?  It’s already hard enough to walk.”

With a nod, you spun around glancing at him over your shoulder as he started to pull the zipper down. “You go, am going to make sure everything is locked up and I will meet you up there.”

You kissed him long before making your way upstairs.  The dress slipped easily to the floor, pooling around your ankles as you stepped out of it.  Glancing in the mirror, you found bright pink cheeks from the alcohol and pure excitement of the night.  In your drunken state, you still thought you looked cute, and hoped the sexy lingerie set you had been wearing underneath the dress all night would tease him.  After several minutes without him coming up stairs you went down to find him.  Padding quietly down the stairs you found him reading over a piece of paper he had in hand.  He had not heard you behind him.

“Hoping I would fall asleep without you?”  At the sound of your voice, he turned to find you standing at the base of the stairs in just your black cheeky panties with matching strapless bra.  It left little to the imagination.

“Holy shit…”  Chris’s jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw you. Whatever was on the paper was forgotten. “I… umm… I was… distracted.  Were you wearing that the whole time?”  Biting your lip gently you nodded at him.  “Damn… It’s a good thing I didn’t know that.  There would not have been after parties.”

Another giggle left your lips as you walked towards him.  “Come to bed?”  You did not give him a chance to answer as you kissed him, showing him exactly how much you wanted him.  He tried to resist for a moment but his resolve crumbled quickly.  That kiss grew into something much more, well that was until he pulled back having to breathe hard as he stared at you.

“You are trying to kill me.”

“No, I am trying to seduce you.  You had better live through it.  I have lots of plans for you in the future.”  Two steps was all it took for him to move to you, picking you up in his arms and walk up the stairs.

“Please, don’t hate me in the morning.”

Part 11

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DWTS’ Heather Morris on Bringing Britney Spears to the Ballroom — and Naya Rivera ‘Fangirling’ in the Audience
Heather Morris spent six seasons channeling Britney Spears on Glee, but the former Beyoncé backup dancer was nervous to bring the pop star’s “Toxic” to the Dancing with the…

Heather Morris spent six seasons channeling Britney Spears on Glee, but the former Beyoncé backup dancer was nervous to bring the pop star’s “Toxic” to the Dancing with the Stars ballroom on Monday.

“I’m here to show my fans — and the rest of the world — more about who Heather really is and, to me, this seems like a step back in time,” Morris wrote in her exclusive PEOPLE blog before Monday’s live show.

But backstage after her performance, Morris was all smiles.

“I think once we got on stage and did it, it felt so much more powerful and specific to what we were doing,” she said.

“The key was really just focusing on each other as opposed to everything that was happening in the ballroom and really harnessing the power of the tango as opposed to Britney,” added Alan Bernsten, Morris’ temporary partner while Maksim Chmerkovskiy recovers from a calf injury. “Yeah, we used Britney’s essence, but it was all about the dancing and making Heather shine.”

Making Morris feel even more confident was having her former Glee costar Naya Rivera supporting her in the audience.

“She was, like, so fangirling before this whole thing happened. She was, like, ‘Oh my God! I’m obsessed! This is my favorite! I love it!‘” said Morris. “We come from a completely different world with Naya and Kevin [McHale] and all of them, but they are so supportive and Kevin is so stoked to come watch the show. It’s fun to bring them into this world.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays (at 8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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Im still not on the Sam/MM train. Sam made it known he in GA but still posted nothing about his supposed GF who was probably a bridesmaid-dolled up to the nines. Yet his costar goes to the many times did he comment on her dress/looks? Maybe you could equate that to a supportive costar if he was just as complimentary to his supposed gf. But why make it known you're there then not comment on anything? No pics of them together. Nothing. I think he went as a friend, hope he had a great time.

for some reason, this made me feel slightly better so thanks anon. I hope we get more clarity on all this soon. I’m way past my BS tolerance threshold.
Will Sasha Pieterse’s ‘PLL’ Costars Support Her at ‘DWTS’ Tapings?
Sasha Pieterse teased if her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ costars will support her at ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and more — read her exclusive interview with Us Weekly

She’ll be bringing her A game! Sasha Pieterse is ready to hit the ballroom — and ready to bring the Mirrorball trophy home.

“I’m 100% competitive. Everyone has been so nice and friendly so that aspect I don’t think will change. But like, I’m going to win,” the Pretty Little Liars alum, 21, exclusively told Us Weekly at the season 25 announcement in NYC earlier this month.

“Sasha is a really hard worker. We literally will have no breaks,” her pro partner, Gleb Savchenko, chimed in. “We’ll go four hours, a straight four hours. She puts on her shoes and takes them off at the end of rehearsal. Standing in high heels.”

She’s already hurting from the strenuous workouts, though. “[I’m] so sore. Ice baths and sore in places that I didn’t even know were possible. That is a challenge, but I feel like it’s awesome and it’s conditioning,” she added to Us. “There is no turning back now, but I’ve been having so much fun.”

Pieterse’s parents were professional dancers, but says that she doesn’t have much experience herself. “I think I have rhythm but all of the technical stuff I don’t so Gleb has been helping me,” she explained. “He’s amazing. He’s such a great teacher and partner.”

Pieterse’s support system also includes her former PLL costars Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario and Ashley Benson. “I hope [they come],” she told Us. “Their schedules are crazy right now, but I know a bunch of them are planning to, so that will be fun. It’ll be like a little reunion.”

Season 25 of DWTS premieres on Monday, September 28, on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

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"It's all very confusing." Oh anon. It's not confusing at all. It has absolutely nothing to do with the charity, and absolutely everything to do with the person. Now she's her bestie, isn't it obvious? She's her best opportunity to make finally clear there's nothing romantic between her and Sam while keeping Tony hidden, and at the same time she plays the role of the most amazing costar supporting his girlfriend against evil trolls. It's a win win for her. She'll exploit it as long as she can.


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You should really start a tally. The crazypants just re-tweeted 3 more. NO costars are ever this supportive.

already going with the tally, don’t even worry. Including tweets from yesterday, we’re up to 9. And the awards aren’t for another 5 hours. oooooookay Sam.