costanza family and i are one


This wonderful album is now 1 year old. I can’t believe it. This masterpiece mean so much for me. It helps me a lot and it’ll ever be one of my favorites. It’ll ever be in heart. In my bones. Thank you Chrissy, Dan & Will for this album and also thank you for showing me that you can do everything when you believe in your dreams and never give up. I’m so proud to be a part of the ATC family. Thank you for everything. ❤️🙏
And now I’m ready for round 2. ❤️

I was tagged by @clumsy-fox thanks Claire ♡

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Name: Costanza
Nickname: Charlie, Co, Khedira (again don’t ask), Rita (by my family), Costa (by the squad) 
Zodiac sign: aries
Height: 172cm 
Orientation: bi
Nationality + ethnicity: italian and white as a ghost
Favorite fruit: apple
Favorite season: winter
Favorite book: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis
Favorite flower: roses
Favorite scent: tea, my dad ‘s perfume
Favorite color: black, silver, gold 
Favorite animal: tiger, wolf
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea i’m addicted
Average hours of sleep: if i don’t have anything to stress me around 8h, if not 5-6.

Cats or dogs: cats
Number of blankets you sleep with: one
Dream trip: around europe
Blog created: 2011 i think?
Number of followers: 773 atm thanks guys!

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Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a dool for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way. (What happened to the doll?) It was destroyed. But out of that, a new holiday was born: a Festivus for the rest of us! And at the Festivus dinner you gather your family around and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year. (And is there a tree?) No, instead there’s a pole. Requires no decoration. I find tinsel distracting.