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So, a couple of months back I purchased this Matalan scuba skirt for the princely sum of four squids. It made a fitting addition to my ever burgeoning collection, plus I thought it might look cute with these boots. Which it totally does.  Imagine then my surprise and delight upon finding the matching top in a Hastings chazza for £3.99. (I also scored a plain, pull-on Simply Be denim pencil skirt for the same amount. Unworn. My Thrift Fu was awesome that day).

I don’t know how many years I’ve had these 1980s bangles but at £1.60 the pair they’ve certainly paid for themselves on the ol’ cost-per-wear front. And are they a perfect match or what? But wait…

When taking the pics I couldn’t for the life of me understand why the top felt less comfortable than I remembered. I hadn’t remembered the neck being quite this high either.

It wasn’t until bedtime I realised I’d been wearing the fecker back to front. 

Oh, come on, we’ve all done it.

Menswear: When to Splurge and When to Save

Not all purchases are made equal when it comes to quality, comfort, and price. Some pieces are worth shelling out the extra bucks for, while others you’d do well to go the way of a cheaper alternative. The best way to rule out if it’s a worthwhile buy for you is to calculate the cost per wear of an item, and be realistic about how it will fit in with the rest of your current wardrobe.

Splurge 1#: Denim

Unless you work in an environment that restricts you to wearing a suit everyday, chances are your jeans are the most worn item in your closet. A pair in a dark wash is extremely versatile, and invaluable to any man’s wardrobe. Splurging on quality denim will keep you from having to buy new pairs every few months. 

Diesel Safado Straight Jeans

Splurge #2: Footwear

Every gent should own a few well-made pairs of shoes. Durable boots for winter (especially for snowy cities), a casual pair of shoes for everyday wear, as well as a pair of nicer dress shoes for formal occasions.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Rockford Boot

Splurge #3: Outerwear

Apart from their obvious functional purpose, coats are generally the first piece of clothing people will notice when they see you. Having a quality piece of outerwear is important for both these reasons - you’ll want a coat that not only will keep you toasty during the winter months, but will also compliment the rest of your wardrobe and create a positive impression.

BOSS Orange Opolice Wool Blend Coat

Save #1: Formal Attire

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to splurge on a $1,000 suit in order to look good at a formal event. Suits are back in style and no longer viewed as stuffy office wear, which means a lot of great-looking pieces can be found at a range of price points. Ultimately, the fit and styling is far more important than brand name, and an inexpensive suit properly fitted and tailored will get you just as far as the designer alternative.

J. Crew Ludlow Suit Jacket with Double Vent

Save #2: T-Shirts

A t-shirt is just a t-shirt regardless of the price tag. Differences in quality of material and fabrication are rarely large enough to justify a huge jump in price - a pack of 3 plain t-shirts from the a big box store will serve you just as well as a $75 t-shirt from your favorite designer.

Bullhead Denim Co. Crew Tee

Save #3: Socks & Underwear

No matter what the price tag says, socks and underwear are not meant to last forever. Spending $20 on a pair of socks or underwear is not going to make them last any longer than say a $5 pair. Avoid designer underwear and single pairs of expensive socks, and instead spend an amount that reflects the use you’re going to get out of them.

Uniqlo Men Socks

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I bought this mug for myself on March 17, 2013 and paid $11.95. I remember feeling like spending $12 for a cup was a lot but it ended up being my my favorite mug and I use it every day that calls for hot coffee so cost per wear use whatever.  

This morning I was perusing Amazon (as one does) and thought that maybe I’d buy another one because no harm in having a back up, right?


For real though, how rich / fiscally irresponsible does one need to be to drop $40+ on a mug? 

Happy Friday, friends. Treat yourself to $40 worth of something that is actually worth $40. (Like fancy cheese!)