cost and revs

Hua Hsu on scenes from New York City’s pre-gentrification graffiti subculture:

“I remember seeing stickers by COST and his partner, REVS, everywhere: on buildings, trucks, cranes, ladders, lampposts, crosswalk signals, stop signs. It troubled me that I could not decode their meaning. What were they selling? When I learned that the answer was nothing, I was confused and then astonished.”

Photograph courtesy Artists Public Domain/Cinema Conservancy

Cost + Revs

Walking The Highline this weekend for the first time ever, I didn’t realize this historical roller was along the way. Thank goodness they kept it! The wear on this is beautiful.

I can’t tell you how much of an influence both Cost and Revs were to me and my friends back in Texas. It made us want to go bigger and crazier.