So you want to go to space ?

It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the earth. I put my thumb and covered one eye and my thumb blotted out the planet earth.

- Neil Armstrong

And ergo ‘Space’ became a part of my vocabulary from a very young age. All that i wanted to do was to become an astronaut and wander the oblivion space that lies beyond our wildest comprehension.

But how much is the ticket?!?

I hear if you try to buy it on a Tuesday at 2am you will get a GREAT fare!

Alright all jokes aside space travel is becoming available to regular citizens, well maybe regular isn’t the right word, wealthy citizens.

But just how wealthy do you need to be? How many banks should you plan on robbing before you pack your bags?

Well it depends on where you are going. ;)

Do you want to go on a spaceplane?

This is at about 60 miles above the Earth’s surface.

If Virgin Galactic does continue with SpaceShipTwo they had set their cost at $250,000 or about 6 bank robberies.

(Since the crash of an earlier version of SpaceShipTwo (due to pilot error) they are instead shifting their time and money towards practical launchers. HOW LAME!!)

If XCOR finishes up the Lynx they have set their ticket cost at $100,000 or 3 bank robberies.

But what about a trip to the International Space Station (ISS)?

Well I have good news for you because private citizens have already paid for trips there. No waiting around for a spaceplane to be built.

Space Adventures has put people in space since 2001. They make the travel arrangements for civilians to ride the Russian Soyuz capsule to the space station.

The cost is over $20 million or 435 bank robberies.

How about walking in space?

For an extra $15 million (327 bank robberies) Space Adventures will organize for you to do a spacewalk during your stay on the ISS.

If this all seems a little too pricey for you maybe you should think about the space simulators!!

Zero Gravity Corporation sells tickets on NASA’s “Vomit Comet” (a plane that makes you feel like you are weightless) for $136,000 BUT it is for you and 35 of your closest friends!

Talk about a party!!!

They do offer for you to pay an individual price but that all is on a case by case business. However if you are a struggling student I have some good news for you.

NASA offers undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct experiments on reduced gravity flights. They also have flights for educators too so definitely check out their programs!!

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PC: Dangerouslee Oleg Kotov Takes a Picture During a Spacewalk by NASA Johnson

Top of the World Prices

Here in Barrow, it’s literally the most northern city in the United States. it takes a bit to ship or fly things here as there are no roads leading to town. Because of this, goods cost a bit more than most of us might be used to. For instance, a gallon of milk costs $10.49

Here’s a few more cost examples below:

58 fl. oz. (1.75L) of orange juice costs $12.79

a 12-pack of Coke costs $12.95

a 1 lb 8 oz (686 g) tin of coffee costs $17.99

a 65 fl oz (1.89 L) container of grapefruit juice costs $10.99

a container of strawberries is $9.99, blueberries are $7.99

a head of iceberg lettuce is $5.49

a single 5.3 oz (150 g) Chobani Greek yogurt is $2.49

lean ground beef is $6.69 per pound

a loaf of bread is on sale for $5

a 9 oz (255 g) bag of Cheetos costs $8.33

a dozen donuts are $10.49

OSPF LSA Types Explained 

• Router LSA (Type 1)— This LSA contains information about a router and the links that it has in an area. LSA type 1s are flooded only in that area. The LSA also tells whether the router is a stub or ASBR, or whether it has one end of a virtual link. OSPF represents these routes in the forwarding table with an O.
• Network LSA (Type 2)— This LSA is used for transit networks within an area. It describes the set of routers attached to a network. LSA Type 2s are not flooded outside an area. OSPF represents these routes in the forwarding table with an O.

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“The efficiency of antimatter production and storage is very low. About 1 billion times more energy is required to make antimatter than is finally contained in its mass. Using E = mc2, we find that 1 gram of antimatter contains:

0.001 kg x (300,000,000 m/s)2 = 90,000 GJ = 25 million kWh

Taking into account the low production efficiency, it would need 25 million billion kWh to make one single gram! Even at a discount price for electric power, this would cost more than a million billion Euros!”


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