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Hey guys I hope you already know this but if you don’t, I’m in a cosplay group! 

We’re cosPOPproductions! started in about 2007 or so (I can’t remember) But, we’re just a couple of youngins trying to express our love for our favorite shows through cosplay! C: 

So here’s our facebook page!
If you could check it out that’d be awesome <3 And maybe give us a like!
It’ll help us take over the world so, that’d be cool if you just liked us plz.

Up above are some key points in our cosplaying careers!
The first one is our first ever cosplay panel during San Japan last year!
Second picture is our first really awesome group cosplay, FLCL!
The third picture is our proudest award at Animematsuri last year we won Best Novice skit! The fourth is our first ever award at Realmscon we won best skit. The fifth picture is another milestone for us, we wanted to do something big like Silent Hill but take it to the next level! And our last picture is us just havin’ a silly time together!

So please check out our like page c: and even friend us if you want.

Lastly check out our personal website please!

Thanks again guys! I love you!