Retired coal miner says Bernie Sanders is doing more to help him than Mitch McConnell

  • At a town hall in West Virginia, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders earned praise from coal industry workers for doing what Mitch McConnell won’t.
  • “I’d never dreamed I’d get a chance to thank you personally for the bill that you cosponsored,” a retired coal miner told Sanders on Monday during a televised town hall event hosted by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.
  • The coal miner was referencing the Miners Protection Act, a bill introduced by Sanders, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and 24 other lawmakers from both parties. 
  • The bill would shore up health benefits for over 12,000 retired mine workers whose benefits are set to run out at the end of April. It would also help save their flagging pension plans. Read more (3/14/17 9:53 AM)

We’re only FIVE votes away from universal healthcare in NY.
Call these people and ask them to cosponsor the NY Health Act S4840.

Sen. Chris Jacobs 854-8705
Sen. Diaz 32nd Bronx 518-455-2511 Room 606
Sen. Klein 34th Bronx 518-455-3595 Room 913
Sen. Savino 23rd Staten Island 518-455-2437 Room 315
Sen. Simcha Felder Dist. 17 Brooklyn (518) 455-2754 Room 944

Make some calls!

Tumblr radicals: “I can’t believe democrats just handed the last election over to republicans. I mean, yeah, technically elections are won or lost by voters and I didn’t vote because I’m a political purist *takes drag from cigarette*, but it’s still their fault that they didn’t elect themselves y'know and also it’s not like any of them even care anyways.”

Tumblr radicals: “God I hate Hillary Clinton, she’s such a bitch. Also, why isn’t she doing more for me? I mean, does she just think she’s gonna walk away and not let me keep judging her?!?!” 

Tumblr radicals: “It doesn’t matter that I can’t name a single piece of consequential legislation that was either sponsored or cosponsored by Bernie Sanders, he’s the only politician that actually cares about us and democrats like tried to MURDER HIM”  

Tumblr radicals: “Neoliberal" 

A Win for Organ Equality in MD!

The Maryland Senate Finance committee just unanimously voted to send SB 792, the Nondiscrimination in Access to Anatomical Gifts and Organ Transplantation to the full Maryland Senate. All of the Committee members have signed on as cosponsors.

The bill, which is based on ASAN’s model legislation on organ transplant discrimination, would make it illegal for doctors, hospitals, and transplant centers to deny a necessary organ transplant based solely on a patient’s disability. Health providers would be required to consider a person’s support system when deciding whether or not a person would be able to keep up with post-transplant treatment. The bill would also allow fast court resolution if discrimination occurs.

The bill has the support of The Arc Maryland, ASAN, Maryland Disability Law Center, Maryland Association of Community Services, People on the Go, National Down Syndrome Society, Maryland Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition, the Maryland DD Council, and Independence Now.

Senator Feinstein Introduces New Bill to Protect More Desert Areas in California

I’ve been working on this for a while, along with thousands of others who want to preserve as much of the desert and adjacent areas as possible. Now starts the legislative slog.

If you’ve been following me, you’ve seen photographs of many of the areas that will be protected under this Bill, or will gain from enhanced protection. Including:

From a press release from Senator Feinstein’s office:

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today introduced the California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act of 2015, a bill that amends and updates the historic California Desert Protection Act of 1994.

The new bill is designed to protect additional land and help manage California’s desert resources by carefully balancing conservation, recreation and renewable energy development. The bill is cosponsored by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.).

“This piece of legislation is the final chapter in a long effort to preserve one of the most magnificent landscapes in the United States,” Feinstein said. “We must ensure that critical parts of the California desert—with its mountain vistas, bighorn sheep, mule deer, desert tortoises, Joshua trees, Native American petroglyphs and much more—will be protected for all time.”

Feinstein continued: “This new bill preserves more land, sets aside off-road recreational sites and allows for the development of renewable energy in a responsible way. With so many competing uses for this land, it is essential that we come together to build consensus—and I am very grateful for all the groups and individuals who are working to do just that.”