It has come to my attention that  katsucon is right around the corner and I have nothing done or saved. So, with my fathers nonstop goingon about new front tires, he’s being feisty about my wanting to spend my hard earned bills on such frivolity that is human interaction. pff.  front tires. SO! I am now leaving my fate to the internet. I will do commissions. To see art quality go here. These will be like 2-5 dollars each. I guess. Idk request as many as you want. If I manage to get enough money by katsu I’ll give refunds or some shit I don’t know. I just don’t want to let down all the cosplay groups I had set up. asfsdf. Rollin in benji’s like a fly motherfucker? Feel free to donate. did I do that right, idontknow gosh.

Anyways no one will respond to this and I don’t blame them I’m basically asking for money so I can go be a frilly turd wagon with a bunch of cool people from the internet. BUT IT’S WORTH A TRYYYY! 

This looks like ass right now but WOWOWOWOWOW IT’S PERFECT TO WORK WITH, this is going to make my life a million times easier (you can’t really tell from the picture but the helmet is the perfect shape)

Jenna wanted progress pics so here’s all I have done of the leg things so far. I need to cut the bottom out of the front panel for my shoes but I’m not going to do that tonight

(don’t make fun of my slippers)