Cosplayer Feature!

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Alias: TheSinisterlove
Name: Nikklas V. McKnight
Country: U.S

Cosplaying since: 2009

How I learned about conventions and cosplaying:
When I was a teenager, someone whom i’d been speaking to online and had managed to fall for was traveling to the west coast for a short period. She agreed to meet me for the first time face to face at this mysterious thing known as “AX”. I dutifully arrived at the time and place of our meeting and I was overwhelmed by the show of so many people in elaborate costumes and attire. The subtleties of this world was a mystery to me and during the sensory overload only the boldest and brightest stood out in my memory. My first exposure to conventions was like a crazy dream that i’ve been pursuing since.

What is my favorite cosplay:
That’s a difficult question to answer. I love each one for so many different reasons. I love Germany for being so warm and comfortable and easy to wear. I love Tulio for being so fun to play in with my friends. I enjoy darker ones from Death Note that are exciting to play with my girlfriend.

My most memorable moment was a cosplay moment but not at a convention. While cosplaying Supernatural, my Dean and I went on a week long road trip visiting different ghost towns. It was kind of rough on us, we slept in the car a lot, we heated up canned food, we read up on local lore and rehearsed latin excorcism spells in the car. On almost the last day, I took Dean to get hamburgers. Dean’s words swear that it was the best hamburger in the entire world, so good he could almost cry. To this day, whenever Dean Winchester expresses his love of hamburgers, my Dean swears to it’s authenticity and we both laugh at the memories.

My advice to other cosplayers would be to not take yourself too seriously. There’s almost no reason to fight over cosplay, i'ts all so much better to just laugh and enjoy. At the end of the day, whenever you’re about to get upset, remember you’re in a costume and have some fun.

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