Cosplayer Feature!

Name: Michelle-Elizabeth
Age: 21
Country: Canada
Website: and

Cosplaying since: Approximately 2005-2006, if I remember correctly.

How did you learn about conventions and cosplaying:
Funny enough two friends of mine wanted to open their own little anime costume event and then I told them that it probably exists somewhere. That’s where we found out about Anime North in 2005/2006 and we went! 

As for cosplaying… I had always technically cosplayed, when I was younger I would dress up as a Disney princess. My mum even made a full Queen Amidala costume with full makeup. And I dress up as InuYasha as a teen. It’s only once I went to Anime North as Edward Elric from FMA that I learnt what cosplaying truly was. I’m a bit late when it comes to these things ha~
What was your first cosplay: Oops, I’ve technically answered this question all ready. Would it be one of the Disney princesses? I think more InuYasha would count but I don’t know… I guess Edward Elric because that’s when I learnt the term of ‘cosplaying’.

What is your favourite cosplay:
I don’t really have a favourite; they’re all very precious to me and hold key moments and memories in my life. I adore cosplaying England and without my high dedication and obsession for that cosplay I wouldn’t of met half/all of the amazing people I know today. I owe that to that cosplay entirely. 
I also adore my Bilbo cosplay for it’s a matter of making a child’s dream come true. I always wanted to cosplay a hobbit but I knew people would put me down due to my height. Finally with some convincing and courage I am now cosplaying a hobbit. Bilbo is just so dear to me.

Most memorable moment:
I have way too many of these. At every convention I go there is always a memorable moment and listing them would take pages long for I tend to get lost in useless details! (and really I wrote so much all ready) Every single person I have met in the past due to cosplay have been my most treasured and memorable moments, people who come and meet me to talk and/or take photos are memorable as well. I cherish the littlest things too easily and I don’t mind. I have made friends and family out of conventions and cosplay and I couldn’t be more glad of that.

Any advice/words/tips for your fellow cosplayers:
Don’t let anyone put you down, ever. Many people come up to me and say they wish they were 'elite’ cosplayers but really, there shouldn’t be such a thing. You should cosplay to your heart’s content no matter what other may say. Cosplay is a hobby, an art, what ever you want to refer it to. Don’t let narrow minded folk put you down in saying you can’t cosplay 'such character’ because of 'xyz’ reason. That’s my major advice.  

If anything else, I think wigs are often key elements to a cosplay, if you have real hair that works miracles, go for it! But for most of us, we don’t have miracle hair and a good wig can work magic to your cosplay! A good wig can really make you look the character and embody it.

Other than that, for me I always try to be the most in character especially when taking photos. I think that’s what makes cosplay all that much more fun. Not only is it fun, in photos in makes you look more lively than a stick model with a static look. The character you cosplay lives in some sort of way and you should as he/she would. That’s about it really~ Just have fun and enjoy cosplaying no matter what!