oh my god i cannot even believe like i don’t have words for this right now

this has been such a journey, from a character i never paid much attention to becoming my absolute favorite to my sewing and crafting skills getting better over the last two years, starting from basic aradia and ending with dreamer aradia and aradiabot

aradia megido is a character that means a lot to me, she’s in for so much shit and spends most of the story dead, and in the end she goes god tier and she’s so happy to be alive and oh gosh i’m really bad at writing this out but i love her so much

aradia megido is the real mvp

aradias are me

Photographers: Aradia || Dead Aradia || Aradiasprite || Dreamer Aradia || Aradiabot || God Tier Aradia


Cosplay 2014!

so it’s about the end of the year so i ought to get this together!!!! :D

this year’s been so great and i’ve made so many improvements this year!!!! i finished aradia bingo and made a whole solid vest by myself and i made a fancy dreamer cosplay and i got to remake my 3am dress from 2012!

one thing i’m really looking forward to in 2015 is to cosplay with people instead of by myself, i want to make friends and join groups and coordinate with people and stuff! also gonna try stuff from more fandoms because i have so many things i love and so little time!

thanks everyone for following me this year and i hope next year’s good too!

links to the original posts (credits are in those posts):

3AM Jade || Dead Aradia || Zimmy || Shaymin || Fancy Dreamer Aradia || Aradiabot || Fancy Dreamer Jade