SKET DANCE! \(^0^)/

And so, I’m on the 54th episode of Sket Dance as for now and I truly am amaze by the character’s past. I have to admit, I nearly cried. (I want to cry but my family is also watching it with me and it would be embarrassing and plus, they don’t understand the story since they haven’t seen the first epis, so kfine)

Now that I have seen all their past stories and how terrible it was, I find Bossun’s past way more terrible and sad. Hear me preach:

  • He lost his both of his parent’s on the day he was born and both of his parent’s died on the same day but different accidents.
  • Everything he knew about himself was a lie until his “Mom” told him the truth about his parents and himself.
  • All he knew that he doesn’t have any blood relative left in the world not until,
  • Tsubak’s “father” told him that he has a twin brother which is Tsubaki Sasuke, his archenemy and the vice-president of the Student Council.

While watching the episode of his past, I was like:

But only on the inside. Huhuhu ;_;
But be happy Bossun, you are not alone. You have Sket Dance (Himeko and Switch) and your twin, Tsubaki. :>

I am so loving Sket Dance. Will be watching the next next episodes~
Adieuu~ *o*)/

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia

Finished watching this anime. It’s awesome. :)
Their bond as a family is really amazing despite the fact that they aren’t “blood”-related to each other. Each character has a very sentimental past, I was moved. ;_;
But the ending was kinda off. I was expecting that Liberta would win (I really like Liberta) and marry Felicita because they both look so damn good together. Liberta + Felicita = cute couple <3
I hope that there is a second season for this anime; a season where more action and romantic scenes. That would be awesomeeee. (*O*)~


Last May 22, 2013.
I participated a cosplay event, “Metro Cosramp 2013” and the great thing about it is that Myrtle Sarrosa was there too, as a guest judge. She’s beautiful. Very beautiful.

I cosplayed as Marshall Lee (again) but I didn’t win anything but I had fun and even met new friends, cosplay friends and the great thing is, I get to talk to Myrtle and let her sign the album I bought from her. She even talked to me about things. She told me that my make up was good and that the elf ears look really good on me. She advised me to cosplay Leafa. :)

The event was amazing. ‘Nuff said. 


ArchCon photos (most of it)

During the event, I saw a lot of amazing cosplayers. Ayala Terraces was filled with a lot of people taking pictures with their favorite character and some were just chilling. 
I got thrilled during the event because I saw Shingeki No Kyojin cosplayers! Sugooooi~ I wished I had 3D maneuver gear. *o*)///
There were figurine collectors during the event. It’s amazing how they are so much devoted in collecting stuffs that are pretty much expensive. Rich kids. Hihi~
There were also people who were selling things like chibi hats, anime and kpop posters, earrings, rings, phone jelly cases, etc.

We were most of the time strolling around Ayala Terraces and took pics of cosplayers. We walked and walked and went to Comic Alley to buy stuffs as well as, took pictures of us and I saw a lot of SNK merchandise. (I will post them later)

I could go on and on for this post because I have a lot to say about everything during ArchCon but I’m tried typing all this biz. Hahaha! So, I’ll end here. XD But I will post more photos. 

Cheeriooo~ <3


Just now, I have finished watching Sket Dance. And I still can’t accept the fact that I’m done watching it. I was expecting for more amazing episodes but oh well, reality butts in, there are only 77 epis. So, k. 

When I’m on the 72th+ episode, Katou Kiri and Bunny-chan appeared and joined the Student Council. I was like:

“Whoa now, easy tiger" 
And I was thinking: "This is interesting. A descendant of a ninja and a cute girl with two odd personalities volunteered to join the Student Council. I’ll be looking forward for more episodes with these people.”
But the anime is only up until 77! FUUUUUUUUUUUUU~! 
No, I want to see more epis with new people on this anime. You can’t do this to meeee! Huhuhu~

Honestly, the ending seems a bit off. I was hoping that Switch and Momoka would end up as a couple or Bossun and Himeko or a duo would end up as a couple. It would be nice. or there would be a scene where Bro Agata would find out that Saya was in love with Bossun not with Tsubaki. I want to see his expression when he finds out about that and realizes how stupid he was the whole time. Hahaha! But anyways, I’m done with Sket Dance. Haaaay.

When I turned off the television, I was like:

Oh well, I’ll be reading the manga of SKET Dance now. 
I will always love you Fujisaki! :* :*


Next watch: HOMESTUCK

I’m really interested in this MS Paint series so I’ve decided that this would be my next “watch” right after I’m done with Sket Dance. 
Plus: I really like their horns. I think it’s cool. I wanna cosplay some of the charas of this series. Probably soon, If I have time to spare, that is. Ehe~ *u*


Hi guys, sup?
So sorry that I haven’t posted my anime watchlist or any of my watch. I was super busy with college and stuff and I wasn’t able to finish watching Sket Dance.But worry not, I’m done. I’m on a break! And I’m gonna have a lot of anime marathon for the sembreak. *0*)////

So, last week I downloaded this anime, “Shingeki No Kyojin” cause my friends said it’s awesome and it is awesome! I just finished watching it, the whole 25 episodes and I am craving for more! I wanna know what’s in the basement of Eren Jaeger’s home in Wall Maria! UGHH! I wanna watch it again. It’s amazing! I love youuu, Eren Jaeger! <3 <3 <3 

There were a lot of scenes where I really want to cry like the episode where Eren and Mikasa lost their mother. Their mom was eaten by a Titan and the worst part is, they saw the whole thing. The world is cruel.
Another was when Mikasa lost her mom and dad. And I was like:

I love the anime. And I’ll be waiting for season 2. 

PS. I will continue watching Sket Dance now. *uses 3D maneuver gear and flies away* 


Hello, it’s been awhile that I’ve posted an “anime watchlist“ text post. 
Gomen~ I was really busy with college and my sched is really tight and I can’t spare time for watching anime but this week is a free-week for me! Whoop, whoop~ It’s our Siglakas Week which means Intramurals, ehe. 
And I’m not that type of sporty person. In fact, I don’t have any sport feels within me, so kfinewhateves.

So last Monday, Aug. 12 2013, I started watching Sket Dance. I’m on episode 31 now and I can say that Sket Dance is a really good anime, so good actually especially that episode where Gintama charas made an appearance, I was like “Whoa, a crossover. This is interesting.” And there was a time travelling part. Hahahaha! 
I was really impressed with the charas of Sket Dance because they are so random like Bossun, he has the power of concentration when he puts on his glasses. Himeko or The Legendary Onihime, who has the strength of a thousand men and her weapon, the Cyclone. Sugooi~ 
Switch, the guy who uses a computer to communicate with other people and has the ability to gather different kinds of information in a nick of time! Incredible! And all the other characters are amazing like Momoka, Shinzou, Yabasawa-san, Chuu-san and etc. It is so amazing, really. \(*O*)/

So, I will be posting more post about my opinion about Sket Dance.