one-rad-kid  asked:

I feel like this has been asked before and im sorry for that, but how do you make moonwater?

It’s fine! A lot of people have their own way of making moon water.

I take some water (same water I drink, basically clean tap water, some people use distilled water or whatever, whatever you prefer)

I put the water in a clear glass container (some people use bowls) and set it out at the night of a full moon to charge. Some people let it charge for three nights, including the nights before and after the full moon. And that’s it! make sure to bring it in before the sun comes up, keep it in a cool, dark place so it won’t grow anything funky. 

other people take the bowl of water, go outside, and catch the moon’s reflection in the water for a bit. I like this method a lot, in theory. I’ve never tried it. I may do so soon though!

I love moon water. I use it for EVERYTHING.