So Sacanime is coming up!!!! And since I won’t be attending ALA due to  musical rehearsals most likely starting up after Christma break and ALA is the weekend after I got back to school, I figured I would get another cosplay.

However, because I need to buy new pants, skirt curtain/thing, and belts for my SNK cosplay, I won’t be able to afford more than one cosplay. Plus my mom will definitely be mad at me if I ask to cosplay another person considering how easily I scrap cosplays after I buy the costume…

Which is why I need your help to help me choose someone to cosplay!! Current contenders are:

  • Clear from DMMD 
  • Komaeda from SDR2
  • Nanami from SDR2
  • Naegi from DR
  • Kirigiri  from DR
  • Fukuwa from DR
  • Mikasa from SNK
  • Armin from SnK
  • Asuka from Evangelion
  • Or someone you think I’d be good for…..

So, who do you think I should cosplay?