WIP Photos

Ok, so the build has officially begun. Other than my clonetrooper I never had proper WIP photos, and even then they were kinda intermittent.

Anyway, I got bored of waiting for parts to arrive so I decided to start on the only thing I could start on. The trousers.

Now, if you’ve played the game Robin has a red stripe down his pants. I decided to go with leather, as I already have leather pants. But we all know how Batman likes his boy wonder clad ha

I didn’t want to stitch it on as I’d have to find red leather… and that would have been too expensive. So a quick google search brought up Angelus leather paints. Great stuff! There’s a big range of colours, just not many reds or greens, weirdly enough (the main friggin colours I need). They come in 1oz or 4oz bottles. The brick red and dark green I needed only came in the 1oz. So I got 2 of each.

Definite pro for the paints, they cover EXTREMELY well and a little goes a LONG way. So I reckon I have way too much paint… especially of the lighter green. (2 x 4oz bottles… bugger!) Ah well, I can use them again.

Stay tuned more pics to follow.