I made my three-year-old niece her first convention/Halloween costume this year. If you ask her who she is dressed as, she’ll reply, “Tiny Princess Captain America!”

On Halloween, we discovered that if you point to a kid in a Captain America costume and ask her who he’s dressed as, she will also reply, “Tiny Princess Captain America!”


ETA: I just added a post about how to make Tiny Princess Captain America


Tiny Princess Thor has acquired a little brother! Tiny Prince Loki, age six months, made his (very brief) debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 on Friday and promptly stole and gnawed on Thor’s hammer. Also he met a Big Prince Loki who he was not so sure about. (Thank you, kind Loki costumer, for indulging us.)

Tiny Prince Loki’s costume is based on Thor and the Warriors Four, when everyone got turned into babies. It’s basically a green onesie with gold accents, a gold headband with wee little horns, and gold cuffs. When he’s a little bigger, I might make it a little more detailed, assuming Thor hasn’t outgrown her dress by then.