More of our Hannah Alexander Artwork-inspired Art Nouveau Disney Princess series. This time from the wonderful WeNeals Photography and Retouching.

Snow White - Ginny Di
Belle by AlyCat Cosplay
Rapunzel - Morgan Danielle
Ariel by Pudding Cosplay and Photography 
Mulan by Jade Song
Pocahontas by XIII Cosplay
Jasmine by JessoLaurus Rex
Merida by Ampersand Costumes & Props
Esmeralda by Killer Bea Cosplay

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See the artwork that inspired the costumes here.


Someone told me that it was the third anniversary for Brave today! Which is great because I’ve been a useless potato this week and have no progress to share but I do have an old cosplay from Brave. 

It’s been a few years but I still think this is my favorite of my cosplays. It was fun to make and wear. I still have it, and the wig. The wig takes up more space than the other eight wigs I store in the same box combined..

(I’ll definitely have progress to post tomorrow. I promise.)