cosplaying for a kids show

So yeah, I was thinking...

What would the campers do in the future? When they grow up?

Nikki: Would certainly not settle down, she would either have her own zoo or her own youtube channel where she does incredible dangerous stuff. “LOOK AT ME WHEN I PET THIS POLAR BEAR WHILE I’M ON FIRE AND ALSO JUGGLING”

Neil: Would most likely be a professor in physics or chemistry, something sciency at least. Most likely he’ll discover something big and end up getting the Nobel Prize. (His dad brings Sockrates to the dinner, and entertains both the king and the queen. David is there too, being SO PROUD)

Nerris: Writes a fantasy novel. An amazing one. I can feel it. She loves it, especially when she sees kids passionately cosplay as her characters. 

Harrison: Gets his own show in Las Vegas. His parents are worried that he’ll accidentally blow up the city. He doens’t instead, he takes apprentices who also mysteriously have made their brothers disappear. 

Nurf: Goes through a lot og shit, but eventually gets together with Chris. Dunno what he’s going to work with, perhaps he’ll just be a stay-at-home dad. 

Ered: Becomes that cool teacher who knows weirdly little about her subject, but yet is respected because she skates better than anyone. 

Preston: Lots of lots of failed attempts to enter the broadway scene, both as an actor or a playwriter, until he gets enough and starts his own theatre. Despite what Neil would have predicted it becomes a success.

Dolph: Becomes that weird guy people don’t really trust. Is he a nazi? Or is he just really weird? Makes weird art that doesn’t sell, but he doesn’t really care. 

Astro kid: gets to work for NASA. If it is a janitor or just an atronaut I don’t really know, but I have a feeling that Astro kid is going to be so happy anyway because SPACE.

Max: This is a hard one… But maybe he ends up running something like a campcamp? A camp for kids whose parents doesn’t care? It surprises everyone, but maybe he’s the right for it because he knows how it feels. David comes by of course, and Gwen too, and they’re kind of surprised because it isn’t a catastrophe… the kids they like it! He manages to care for them and they actually feel better. Sometimes the other campers drops by, hosting a one day “adventure camp” or “space camp” or “magic camp”… 

((This got longer than intended, hope you don’t mind… Have a nice day anyway))

if i ever have a kid i’m gonna do all the stuff with them my mom refused to do. gonna cosplay with my kid if they want me to. gonna watch the shows they like to watch with them and let them be excited. gonna teach them how to cook and learn things together. gonna admit to my mistakes. gonna let them know they can talk to me about anything they need to or want to and make sure i reinforce how important them speaking their mind is for THEM, not me. gonna worry about them a lot. gonna trust them to make good choices and to always count on me if they need a safety net. 

gonna show them the classic hit ‘come on eileen’. gonna make an effort to understand what they enjoy so they can rant and gush about it and feel like their hobbies and interests matter because they do instead of shrugging them off because i don’t ‘get it’. help them be confident and smile a lot. 

Imagine your OTP going to a dance together. Person A has a special outfit planned and tells everyone what it is except Person B so they can surprise them.


Lookin’ for my ever after

Don’t wanna see my dreams get shattered

Everybody says I have to got to wait around just to be rescued

Not gonna sit alone in a tower

I’ll show the world my princess power

Darling’s the very first Western character I’ve ever cosplayed as. I know Ever After High is a kids’ show but it has absolutely fabulous costumes and plenty of lovely characters to choose from. Darling is my number one, of course!

me as Darling Charming

Photographer: mae-rye

Steven universe is a kids show.
It is.
It’s a kids show.
Yes, it’s a kids show with very very good lessons, but it’s still a kids show.
Yes, people who aren’t kids watch it.
Yes, people cosplay the characters.
But it’s still a kids show.
And there isn’t anything wrong with that???
So please don’t say that it isn’t??
And no, I’m not saying this because I hate SU. I really enjoy it.
But it’s still a kids show. It was a show made for kids. It’s a kids show.