cosplaying for a kids show

I did a Wonder Woman event last night (my first since the movie came out)
  • *playing Simon Says with some very energetic young ladies*
  • Child: We shouldn't be playing Simon Says, let's play Diana Says!
  • ****
  • Child: Can you tell me how to get to this island with no boys, pleassseee?
  • ****
  • Child: I saw your movie!
  • Me: And what did you think?
  • Child: It was awesome!! *proceeds to karate chop and kick as she says it*

Imagine your OTP going to a dance together. Person A has a special outfit planned and tells everyone what it is except Person B so they can surprise them.


Lookin’ for my ever after

Don’t wanna see my dreams get shattered

Everybody says I have to got to wait around just to be rescued

Not gonna sit alone in a tower

I’ll show the world my princess power

Darling’s the very first Western character I’ve ever cosplayed as. I know Ever After High is a kids’ show but it has absolutely fabulous costumes and plenty of lovely characters to choose from. Darling is my number one, of course!

me as Darling Charming

Photographer: mae-rye

Steven universe is a kids show.
It is.
It’s a kids show.
Yes, it’s a kids show with very very good lessons, but it’s still a kids show.
Yes, people who aren’t kids watch it.
Yes, people cosplay the characters.
But it’s still a kids show.
And there isn’t anything wrong with that???
So please don’t say that it isn’t??
And no, I’m not saying this because I hate SU. I really enjoy it.
But it’s still a kids show. It was a show made for kids. It’s a kids show.