cosplaying before i knew what cosplaying was

I wanted to share this really cool moment from the Nashcon cosplay contest!

I was one of the winners of the Castiel cosplay competition (mukestyleswalker is the other, on the right!) and I was really happy just to stand up there and have my wings be a cute little in-joke with everyone in the audience who knew what the colors meant.

Then when we stood at the front of the stage, Adam actually asked me about the colors (I’ve won with a set of black wings before, but these were new), so I said: “The colors do have a special meaning - shout out to anyone in the audience who already knows!”

And I was gonna leave it at that, but I had a ‘what would Misha do’ moment and continued:

“And for those of you who don’t… these are the colors of the asexual pride flag. I am up here today representing asexual pride.”

There was a lot of cheering and I really wanted to share that~ I had several people come up to me after and thank me for it, there were a lot of hugs and a lot of excitement, and a lot of ‘this means a lot to me’. There felt like a lot of support and it made me really happy~

Making Gladio’s Cosplay Sword

After playing FFXV, I knew I needed to cosplay Gladio.  But in order to do that I needed a sword, a big one.  I’d never made a prop quite like this before and I was working on a limited budget, with almost no tools or equipment, and with very little space in my new apartment.  

I knew it was going to be a challenge from the get-go, but was determined.  In the end I rather like what came out, and got a ton of compliments on it at Fanime 2017!

In the interest of spreading the cosplay joy, I tried to document my creation journey so that I could give advice and ideas to other cosplay enthusiasts.

This is going to be a rather long post, so in the interest of not taking up everyone’s dashes the rest will be under a Read More.

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Bts reaction to you cosplaying in a sexy outfit

I don’t even know why.. pls don’t ask

would be super excited about going to a gaming convention with you. But when he saw you were being a “Sexy” version of Princess peach he wouldn’t let you go out.
“Uhh.. Y/n.. I don’t think I want you going out like that..”
He would try to hide how turned on he was

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Let’s just say he would be super turned on in the least. He would tease you by poking your exposed stomach. Every few minutes in the convention when he saw guys eyeing you, he would grab your hand, pull you towards him and kiss you showing the guys who you belong too.

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Would be turned on and wouldn’t even hide it. He would ask you to do something for him in the bedroom and while you were doing it, he would pull off his shirt so that when you looked back at him, you were blushing, even through all the makeup you were wearing.
“You’re so hot.. Come here. Now.”

Originally posted by aegyojimin

I personally think he wouldn’t mind. He would hide how much it turned him on, but would still go out with you to the convention. When people wanted to take a picture of you, he was fine with it, but after five minutes of non-stop attention he would grab your hand “Okay.. That’s enough.” Then he would pull you and kiss you passionately.

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Like Suga, he wouldn’t honestly care. He would enjoy the convention but would give disapproving silent glares at the guys that had their eyes on you. When you got back home, he would be like, “You know how much you made me wait?”
“What-” *Kisses you eagerly and hungrily*

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This little bundle of joy wouldn’t even let you leave the house without changing. He knew you wanted to cosplay, and agreed to it, but once he saw that our costume was basically just a bra and panties with a silk skirt on the back, he just wouldn’t let you. “You know what y/n? I won’t let your cosplay go to waste. Want to role play?”

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“What are you wearing? What are you doing..?”
You walked closer to him and put your hands on his shoulder he looked at your lips hungrily, “This.. This is sexy” He would say before kissing you

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~Admin Luna

Anyhow, the Artemis Fowl movie comes out in 2 years and they better not mess it up. I have been waiting for over a decade.

I can finally have an excuse to cosplay Holly Short. A dream of mine since before I knew what cosplay was.

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Bts reaction to their girlfriend having the name Batgirl and she cosplays as her for kids? Ty!

(I assume you mean having the same name as the character, Betty/Barbara)

Jin didn’t really get it until you told him how much the kids loved it. It made him want to try cosplaying sometime.

“Of course my Jagi would be good with kids.” “Does this mean we can cosplay as Mario and Peach sometime? You’d be the most beautiful princess.”

Suga is glad you have something to do while he’s not there, but he might be a little surprised by it. He’d definitely admire your hand made cosplay. 

“I didn’t realize you were this big of a nerd, baby.” “Did you make this yourself? Wait, you can sew too??”

J-Hope is very excited that you make kids happy, now you’re both balls of sunshine. You didn’t ask him to be, but he’s now you’re biggest cheerleader for cosplaying.

“If you every want to do more cosplays and I will help however I can!” “Can I take pictures next time you wear it? What?! You just look so pretty!”

Rap Monster probably noticed the name thing before he even knew you cosplayed as her. Whenever you repaired an old cosplay or made anew one he’d hang around and watch you work.

“Darling, why are you so cute?” “Let me know if you want help. What do you mean you don’t trust my sewing skills?”

Jimin low-key wants you to show him your costume. He doesn’t want to embarrass you though so before he asks, he stalks your sns for pictures.

“Jagi? Can I…would you mind showing me your costume?” “Come here and take selcas with me for Twitter. Everyone needs to see how cute you are.”

doesn’t understand how you can be this cute and you’re good with kids? Clearly you’re perfect for him.

“Can you cosplay for me sometime?” *you show him* “You look so cute! Now I know why kids love you~”

Jungkook is trying not to loose his mind over you basically being a superhero. It makes him want to try cosplaying too.

“That’s like, insanely cool???” “This is gonna sound weird but…would you show me how you made this? I want to try it…”

I do not allow reposting or translations of any of my work.

5 Things I Didn’t Know When I Started Cosplaying

I’ve been delaying posting on this blog because I have lots of ideas for things I want to write but none of them seemed worthy of being the First Post™. I think the first post on any blog is always a bit awkward because you know it’s probably not going to be read by many, at least not right away. So if you are reading this post as some archival interloper at some point in the near or distant future, welcome! I hope listicles are still as trendy as they were when I wrote this post.

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Sadly Halloween came and was gone before we knew what was going on. But my amazing partner for five years woke up early as fuck to just cosplay Boyf riends with me.
So here have a really closeted cosplay of the two boys. This was so last minute and tonight I’m going to start painting my Jeremy shirt. Also found a better hoodie for Dan’s Micheal.
Happy anniversary @saladlaughingalonewithawoman and happy Halloween everyone else. Onto the next spoop season!


that one time @sunshinecaptain and i dressed up as enoch o'connor and horace somnusson for halloween and then just spent most of our day at the mall because we had nowhere else to go, and no one knew who we were but everyone kept calling us cute, and someone asked us what anime we were from.

@smolenoch wanted to see, so! ;/////;

please excuse how much work i still need to do on this cosplay!


Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason.

Potterstuck Dirk and Jake on Halloween 2015

Dirk - Jake - Photographer

The Truth about Cosplay Contests: What They Don’t Show You on Heroes of Cosplay

While I approve of the less dramatic direction the show has taken this current season I’m still a bit frustrated with the portrayal of the competitions themselves. Most cosplay contests are nothing like the ones they are show on Heroes of Cosplay. I know it’s played up for ratings but I started think about what it was like when I began entering contests. If all I knew about how these contests worked was from this show I would be super discouraged to even think about competing.  I’ve been doing cosplay competitions for several years (at large and small cons) and have a few awards under my belt. I also help run a contest at a local con and have acted as a judge before. I am by no means on the same level as most of the competitors of HoC but I do have knowledge of what it’s really like during one of these contests.  I’m not picking on any of the cosplayers on the show (in fact I have a lot of respect for them) I just want to set the record straight for anyone who it thinking about entering a cosplay contest for the first time.

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Eeeey, have a Cullen picture I don’t think I’ve ever posted. I have such a big backlog of photos from this past year and I’m slowly making my way through them. 

My sister took it at WonderCon ‘15. Which was before I knew anyone in this fandom or cosplay community or was even all that active as a cosplayer. So I feel like such a kid in it, even though it was just over a year ago, and I kinda want to be like, “ohhhh babe, you have no idea what you’re about to walk out into, you’re life is gonna get ridiculous from here on out.” 

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I just wanted to tell you that it's so amazing to see you cosplay Atem/Yami. Don't ever sell yourself short because you're a wonderful and gifted cosplayer! I only wish I could do what you do, but I'm not the ideal size or body type to make a good Yuugi. I enjoy watching others who can cosplay well! You're one of my idols!

Uwah, Thanks so much! Σ(゜ロ゜) ✨  Your message makes me very happy 💕

To be honest, before I started to work on Atem, I struggled a lot with myself because I knew I’d never be perfect for him and I’ll probably never will be satisfied. And for a long time I didn’t want to make this costume because of that reason.
Now I’ve met so many precious people and had so much fun at conventions that I would do it again anytime (((jk please keep me from making that awful wig again jfc I hate making the same things twice hahaha)))

What I want to say: If you love the character and cosplaying, do it. It’s so much fun to interact with other people, play scenes, make silly jokes and photos. And if you’re worried for your looks, there are many ways to cheat with photos. ;3
I won’t cheesy-talk anything about “looks don’t matter”, because probably every artist and cosplayer knows the feeling of being unsatisfied with oneself.
But it’s a great feeling when you’re finished and can say “I fkin did it” ✨
And for me, cosplay has one wonderful side-effect: it makes it so much easier to meet people at conventions. I’m an awkward potato when in normal clothes, but cosplay helps to get to know the people who like the same thing as you do.

tldr; Thanks so much for your support!! 💕

Submit Anon: Megami Tensi What?

This is the story about a girl I met in my early days of becoming a fan of anime and such. I had recently discovered anime entertainment. She didn’t quite act like a weeaboo, but her obsession with video games and anime is a tale to tell, hopefully nobody isn’t this bad. I begin.

Setting Start: = Summer, 2008

About a year after that I learned about cosplay. I became an enthusiast and no more, loving the art of making costumes and seeing people dress up in awesome getups such as Princess Zelda and the like. Although when I started to get into cosplaying, I had this extra drive to make my costume detailed as possible. In example Link’s tunic. So I may not have had $200 to buy chainmail, but I found a way to do it, and not just trim the edge of the sleeve or the bottom. Things like that.

In six months I learned how to do craft with a sander, jigsaw, Dremel tools; even picked up techniques on how to paint and even lay resin. I was in no means a perfect craftsman, but after seeing “bad” cosplay on the internet, I had it deadset in my mind to not become one of those. By the time I was done, I was a good peg above most of the “weeaboo” cosplays that were badly sewn together with satin because “it was the only fabric I could afford”.

I went to my first con in 2008, I was 21. My “teenage” years were isolated at home doing homeschool, so I was giddy excited about going to a place and meeting people that had similar interests that I did. I was in college, but the rural backwoods of a Southern state where you weren’t white nor black, nobody quite took the interests in anything “foreign” that wasn’t mudding, clubbing or church activities.

Enough about background, but it needed to be done to set the stage. There wasn’t even a nearby con. This one was the closest, a whopping 250 miles. (Animazement to be exact). I was leaping out of one place into another blindly, doing by best to look accomplished and catch up on the anime/internet culture upon arrival.

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The Sword of Dios from Revolutionary Girl Utena!

This is the most work I’ve ever put into a prop – I painted the hilt from a drab grey to this – and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Utena was one of the first anime series I ever saw, and this is a cosplay I’ve wanted to do since before I even knew what cosplay was; I’m so excited for it to come together!

Sneak Peak

I’ve been working on something for the past few months and wanted to give everyone a sneak peak. I mentioned something about it during my 10,000 follower thank you message in December and recently I reached out to followers to beta test something for me. After listening to their feedback  I realized tumblr’s format was not going to be able to support what I needed. After I saw how awesome @aicosu website looked using Wix I knew it would be perfect for setting up my new project.

Drum roll… I’ve been writing a lengthy interactive guide on how to cosplay for beginners, but it’s turning into what feels like a book at this point.  I’ve written close to 8 chapters so far and I’m about to start turning parts over to people for editing. I’m hoping to have it live in the next few months. I’m afraid  I’ll reach the burn out stage before then but I thought if I told people what I was working on I’d have some accountability to get it done.

Wish me luck !


Bringing back my San Japan Rose Quartz Cosplay BC I put a lot of work into the wig and it needs the love as I try to bring it back to life RN.Other Rose is my friend


The bottom pic (WHICH I LOVE) was taken by


The bottom of the dress I guess isn’t Canon, it was rlly before we knew what Rose’s entire outfit looked like. e De

I’d like to thank the 12.9 year old bitchass who came into my work with his mom and when I asked what he was making he said “you probably wouldn’t get it”

and when I asked about it he went on to say “its from a little known thing. I’m making a costume. I do this thing called cosplay”



unfunnyvibes  asked:

I'm not really sure if you're even into this stuff but have you ever cosplayed someone from lord of the rings or the hobbit?

of course i have! check it out! lord of the rings was a HUGE part of my childhood and i would love to do more cosplay from it. and wanna see something special? this is me dressed up as bilbo at the premiere of the first hobbit movie. this was before i even knew what cosplay was, i was a BABY…