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/whispers heard something about a Max and PJ cosplay on your tags to my cosplay--just sayin that it sounds super swell and wonder if you will ever wear it to a convention because I'd love to cosplay with a Max and Peej

omgggg I’d love to cosplay with you! We dont have cosplays in order yet but I definitely want to get Max together for some con. (I might do Powerline Max idk yet)
Will you be going to ALA or AX this year?

Exciting news!

So Saturday my girlfriend and I are going to go to an event as Honey Lemon and Tadashi, to see kids and just stick around and play with them! I’m super excited and it will be my first cosplay gig! ; w ;
If allowed I’m taking selfies with those children, so if I can, you bet I’m going to be posting them! 
I’m just super excited and wanted to tell you guys!