His other mic wasn’t working so he went up to people who asked questions. When he got to me, I was so star-struck because he is such a sweet-heart and very down to earth, I stumbled over my words and he tried to make me relaxed by sitting in my lap, but I just went red! My question was if DROGO was still alive, what would he want him to do in the show.

Thanks to my friend cosplayersofoblivion (Steph) for recording this!

I was the envy of her and everyone in the room. prideofgypsies

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29. How many TRUE friends do you have?

well i guess these two assholes

(left to right: allie, me, boss)

i’ve known allie since some time in middle school, and y'all should know boss by now. both of them have been there for me through a lot of heavy shit, y'know, the kind that makes people (i.e. me) act like douchewads and they stuck by me anyway so.

10 points for my bitches.