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Would My Hero Academia’s Deku FITNESS training work?

This world needs a Symbol of peace right now and I decided we analyze All Might’’s AIM to Pass the AMERICAN DREAM training plan

 that young izuku DEKU midoriya did for 8 Grueling months to be able to be the one to inherit All Might’s POWER and become a True Hero of My Hero Academia! 

But how effective would this trash cleaning bodybuilding workout be in the real world? 

Well today we find out on would that workout? 

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I’m so happy with how this cosplay turned out! He’s such a fun character to cosplay!

Thank you so much @nipahdubs! I commissioned the wig from him and he did an amazing job! So many awesome complements on it!

I have some awesome stuff coming soon! One being something I shot with @dervolkslogger!

Be on the look out!

Hero outfit pic taken by Tales of Atelier
School uniform pic taken by @manaknight


and I s2g if anyone fights me about this I will throw my fridge at you


like, really gay.  full, raging homo.  why on earth would you ship him with a girl?

- “but it’s not confirmed!” /  “he could be bi!”

“What made you want to add a gay character into the Percy Jackson series? What inspired you to write the series?” was asked and answered on Rick’s Goodreads a while ago.  Note, “gay”, with no dispute in the answer.

“Nico had once read a story from Plato, who claimed that in the ancient times all humans had been a combination of male and female.  Each person had two heads, four arms, four legs.  Supposedly, these combo-humans had been so powerful they made the gods uneasy, so Zeus split them in half - man and woman.  Ever since, humans had felt incomplete.  They spent their lives searching for their other halves.  And where does that leave me? Nico wondered.  It wasn’t his favourite story.”  (Blood of Olympus, chapter 15)  Yes.  Very bi/pan/poly.  So much fyi i like vagina.  He’s entirely into girls.  What is a dick anyway?


It’s his sexuality. Idk about you, but I’m aro/ace, and people even jokingly shipping me with anyone else makes me, like, really uncomfortable.

- “but you ship straight characters in same-gender/polyamorous relationships!”

Since we’re talking about Nico here, we’ll leave other fandoms out of it.  Not a single character in any of Rick Riordan’s mythology series has a confirmed sexuality - except for Nico.  And if you’re going to assume characters’ heteroromance/sexuality from their lack of canon attraction to their gender, you and your straight-until-proven-otherwise mindset can just leave.

“I’m only shipping it.  What’s the harm?  I think they’re cute.”

Would you vote for Donald Trump in an election?  Y’know, it’s not the nicest thing to do, but, like, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s one vote.  But you wouldn’t, would you?  (if you would, please, please just leave right now) However insignificant it might be, it’s just wrong.  Also, you’re adding to all the other people that have voted for Donald Trump - quite possibly thinking the same thing.  So don’t vote for Donald Trump, and don’t ship Nico with Thalia or Annabeth or Reyna or the bloody genderbent Will that this demonic corner of the PJO Instagram fandom is a fan of.  (don’t even ask)


I’m sorry, but I can name exactly two book series aimed at middle-grade kids that have LGBTQIA+ characters; Pretty Little Liars and The Heroes of Olympus.  (we’re not counting Harry Potter here.  saying years later that Dumbledore was gay with only minor implications in canon isn’t representation imo, sorry Jo.)  Having representation in kids’ series is so important, and wiping out that representation by ignoring his sexuality or erasing it and headcanoning him as bi/pan/poly is pretty homophobic and disgusting.  We have representation.  Respect it.


Reyna sees him as a brother??  He barely knows Thalia or Annabeth??  And as for “”Willow”” (genderbent Will.  It’s hellish, I promise), that’s straight down homophobia if you keep Nico as a boy.


So I already posted some normal selfies for black out but I also really wanted to post some of me in cosplay as well. Cosplay is a huge part of my life, and I’ve struggled with loving my skin because of it. It’s hard being a black Cosplayer sometimes because people will often over look the hard work and dedication we put into our Cosplays if we don’t cosplay to our race. Sometimes people for get that we are people and fans too. Not everyone is born with light skin and we shouldn’t be made to feel bad for cosplaying outside of skin tone.


“How beautiful are you?”

Reaper, Reaper, that’s what people call me!
Why? Cause they all die!
When I sing, I end their lives
You act as though payback makes you a noble man, is that a fact?
Well, you’re a goddamn Philistine!

Margaret Moonlight (No more Heroes 2)
cosplayer :: Glam
photo :: Reichel, Light Box Studio

bringing back my old cosplays with some photoshoot&festival photos! :D i wish i could make another photoshoot with her <3


I didn’t take a lot of photos this weekend. A lot of things were going on, Ash has more probably.
The first photos is of Me, Ash ( @hella-cool-bro-ash )and Annie ( @unhooking-the-stars ) as the lumberjanes.
Second is Ash and I as Greg and Wirt.
So many cosplay I wish I took more pictures.


Damn, those are my fave coreo cosplayers


✨So I’m like officially ready for Anime Expo~ ✨
I’m going as:
-Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe
-Gogo Tomago (casual) from BH6
-Gogo Tomago (armor) from BH6
-Reina Kousaka from Hibike! Euphonium
-Inkling from Splatoon

I just put on casual makeup & circle lenses so that’s why I look mucky 😓

Day 1 so far...

I got to hug my Jess.

I was about three feet away from Richard Speight for a few seconds and it was kind of awesome. I have a major crush on Rob Benedict.

Tyler Johnston was adorable.

Osric Chau has big plans for Kevin.

We were led to McDonald’s by a wonderful Cas cosplayer.

Kim and Briana are my new heroes. Seriously, I can’t tell you how perfect and wonderful their advice was. (But I will try later, lol.)

Travis Aaron Wade is super sweet with the fans.

I am now headed to the karaoke party!!

Love you guys! XOXO