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Real quick, before I go completely MIA, I want to share something you probably would’ve have known if you haven’t seen my DA, that being my first full cosplay, of Sans. I had forgotten to post about it when I started uploading my Undertale art, so I guess now’s as good a time as any. So, if you have the time, I want to tell you about and show you the process.

First off, I live near the Phoenix area in Arizona, so I’ve been to Saboten Con (when it was still around) and twice to Phoenix ComiCon. First time was probably two or three years ago. Back then it wasn’t nearly as expanded as it is now. Last time I went, I was barely in costume, if at all, but I had wanted to create a full cosplay. At first I wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, but it fell by the wayside. After some time, I took on the endeavor of creating a Sans cosplay. 

I started this cosplay in December of last year. This was the first iteration of the foam mask, back when I hadn’t quite gotten the hang of my drawing style for Sans. Looking back, it’s pretty fugly to me, but ya know, it was very early in, before I had gotten a grasp on what I was doing.

I had actually struggled to make the base underneath the face. It took looking up a fursuit tutorial on YouTube for me to realize, “Oh! That’s how you do it!” The black cloth in the sockets here was temporary while I worked on them. The teeth also got majorly redone later on. 

And here’s my cat Milo chillin’ out on the scraps. Just thought I’d throw that in too.

Here, I had realized that he needed a bit of a subtle brow ridge that most skeletons have. Plus, while the temporary cloth was out, seeing it placed perfectly over my tablet’s blue light, I had to take a picture. 

I was also figuring out the temples and realized they were a bit anatomically incorrect. The mouth was going through a redesign as well. Meaning I had to cut out the teeth that were already there and start over.

Then, the new semester started and I was feeling pretty demotivated to work on it. I did work a bit on it here and there, but it mostly sat in one corner of my desk, unfinished. After the passing of my grandma, I almost couldn’t bring myself to work on it. It sat unfinished even longer. But once the semester started coming to a close and I heard Phoenix ComiCon was coming up, I had the urge to pick it up again. After a metric ton of cutting, trimming, gluing, and trimming again, this was the result:

At this point, I was getting more and more excited about actually seeing it finished. I constantly reminded myself of how proud my grandma would be of me, since I was able to show her the earlier stages before her passing. I’m still sad I’ll never get to show her the completed piece, but I hammer it into myself that she would be immensely happy for me. Anyway, the jacket shown here, turned out to be a darker shade of blue than what I was going for. When I searched up Sans’s in-game sprite, it turned out I needed a lighter shade of blue, so I ordered one off of Amazon after seeing a blog page linking to ideal pieces for a Sans cosplay. I kept the original jacket, since it does get cold in Arizona during the brief winter season.

After this stage, I did a bunch of running around, much to my parents’ expense since I can’t drive, finding a bunch of other materials, such as polyester padding, a white medium shirt to put over the padding, black and white fabric for the pants, tights and polyester cloth for the leggings, black opera-length gloves, white and black fabric paint, polyester clay, grey fleece for the jacket hoodie, a pair of fresh socks that stretch above the ankles, a pair of perfectly pink fuzzy slippers from Sears, wood filler, sandpaper, LED lights, batteries for said lights… Whoo! Okay, yeah. Bottom line, I got a crap ton of stuff.

For the padding, I sewed a pair of old shirts together, one inside the other, and stuffed the padding in between, around my whole middle, and in the shoulders, to give Sans his shallow, stout look. That all took me under a few hours to figure out and put together. After that, I believe, I made the shorts using a pair of existing shorts as a template. They were a bit saggy in the crotch area, but they worked nicely, especially when fitting them over the padding. I also did the hand bones, using the gloves, fabric paint, and polymer clay bones, which I hot glued onto the top of the gloves. Wearing them was also a bit weird. I couldn’t close my fist all the way, but they worked all right.

Not pictured here was the fabric paint on the palm side. Unfortunately, I had to constantly reinforce the glue to keep the bones from popping off. Polymer, as I realized too late, doesn’t like sticking to glue very much, especially with hands that need to be used. Very unfortunately, my fears came true and two of the finger bones popped off during a panel I went to. Lesson learned. This is one baby I have to kill. I’ll go back and completely redo the hands in a different way. They may not be entirely anatomically accurate, but they’ll function. At least the old ones, which I’ve thrown into the garbage, looked cool. They had a nice dimension and were fun to look at.

So, after that, I covered the mask in paper mache (which I forgot to take a picture of. Sorry.) and started laying on the wood filler for the mask.

The wood filler was pretty nice to work with, as it allowed for additional sculpting I couldn’t do with the foam. At this point, Con was coming up fast and I was running out of time. I needed to start sanding. Much to my frustration, it was taking forever. I had left many spots unsanded where the filler didn’t quite stick. It was especially noticeable when I started laying on the gesso. Mom was trying to help me realize that the cosplay may not be complete in time and that I should take more time to work on it and just not go in costume. I hated admitting even to myself that she had a point. I refused to believe I couldn’t do it. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something by finishing this sucker in time for Con. I was already frustrated at the shoddy work and I stormed into my room (I had been working for hours on end in hot weather just outside the house, doing nothing but sanding and laying on gesso). 

I had the biggest fit of my life. Tears streamed down my face. I cried and moaned and even screamed. I pounded my bed like an enraged monkey. All these revelations were going through my head during my fit. Then I thought, why not fill the patchy spots with more wood filler, even over the gesso? I had clearly skimped on it anyway. Once my fit was over, I went right back to work with my idea. It worked. After all the patches were filled, I went back to sanding. I filled where I needed to and sanded again until it was all smooth. I accepted that I wouldn’t get it done before Con started and that I’d miss the Undertale meetup, which, yeah, I did miss it.

I spent the next day at Con, taking pictures, marveling at the more impressive costumes and squeed anytime I saw a fellow Undertale cosplayer. I even came across two young ladies dressed as gender-bent Sans and Papyrus. The Papyrus cosplayer was awesome enough to do the voice when I asked if I could take their picture. That, by the way, is something I appreciate with cosplayers, when they not only dress up as a fun character but play the role as well. It really enriches the experience for me.

Later I went to the exhibition hall and stood in line to see renonwed comic artist George Perez. Needless to say, standing in line wasn’t very fun, but I had brought a few prints of my work with me and was determined to have him evaluate it. Seeing him draw and interacting with the fans was definitely a treat. He had such an energy about him that was very infectious. He had a clear love for his work and his fans that he is capable of staying at his booth for hours on end and very rarely take a break. Eventually, I and my sister, who was also there to get her portfolio evaluated, approached him. Sadly, because of how many people were in line to see him, he couldn’t evaluate our portfolios, but he was very nice about it and directed us to another great comic artist named Tony Parker, who I hadn’t heard of until then. He gave me some very good pointers about pushing a character’s pose and about visual flow when it came to comics. Some of what he had to say I had already sort of known, but it was more than valuable hearing his professional opinion. By that time, my feet were screaming at me and we went home.

Over the next couple days, I went back to finishing my cosplay. I worked on the leggings by cutting out some leg bone shapes out of polyester fabric and hand sewed them straight onto the tights as I wore them. Yes, I did poke myself a number of times. I also had to bend over pretty far to reach around my shins and down to my ankles. On top of that, I had gotten back to sanding the mask and spent the rest of the day laying on several coats of gesso. While waiting for the gesso to dry, I went out and bought the slippers I needed. Once the leggings were done, I finished the gesso and painted the inside of the eyesockets black to minimize light reflection. I then painted the little wrinkles under the eyes and the teeth details. After that, I hot glued the once temporary black fabric into the inner edges of the eyesockets and the nose hole. The LEDs I left for absolute last. These were crucial to the entire look. I mean, obviously. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time or the technical know-how for a complex wiring hook-up, so I stuck the LEDs onto two button batteries with black electric tape and then placed them behind the eyesocket fabric using more tape. I also taped tissue paper around the lights to cut down the ultra brightness. And because I have no switch to turn the lights off, the LEDs had to stay lit up. But they functioned and they actually looked pretty frightening, especially in the dark.

Once I’m able to, I’ll go out and get the parts I need to create a proper and better hook-up. I stayed up until after 2am just to see the eyes finished and I still was able to get up early the next day.

And this is what came from it all:

That’s me on the far left along with a bunch of lovely Charas and Frisks. This was the only picture I was able to get of my full costume that day, so I apologize for the cut at the bottom. I assure you I am wearing the slippers here, and they are comfy as hell. The mouth made it a bit hard for people to hear me and some cracks did appear around the edges, but the mask held up very nicely overall. I could not tell you how many people stopped me for a picture. Seeing their faces light up when they saw me made it all worth it. I want to do this again sometime soon, once I’ve made some improvements, and hopefully make it to the next meetup at whatever con may be coming up next in the future. What a journey this was. What an amazing experience! 10/10 Would cosplay again.


So last September I ordered a binder in the hopes that I could use it for halloween, but sadly it didn’t fit me, and I didn’t have money or time to get another size (I couldn’t afford to pay the return shipping), so I’ve just had this binder sitting in my drawer since then that I can’t use. 

So, is anyone in England in need of an XL white tank binder (from gc2b)? I could conceivably send it outside England, but I’d need the recipient to pay the shipping cost. Only briefly worn once to try it on. Also please try not to spread this too far, I only have one to give out and I don’t want to disappoint a bunch of people. 

Note: While I am highly appreciative of cosplayers, I would prefer that the binder go to someone who needs it to deal with their dysphoria. 


So I already posted some normal selfies for black out but I also really wanted to post some of me in cosplay as well. Cosplay is a huge part of my life, and I’ve struggled with loving my skin because of it. It’s hard being a black Cosplayer sometimes because people will often over look the hard work and dedication we put into our Cosplays if we don’t cosplay to our race. Sometimes people for get that we are people and fans too. Not everyone is born with light skin and we shouldn’t be made to feel bad for cosplaying outside of skin tone.

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shit dude yeah. we need to start a group chat or somethin. BUT HOW WILL WE FIND EACH OTHER WITHOUT REVEALING OUR IDENTITIES TO FOX MOM??

~Super Secret Cosplayer~


The video for my 2000 followers special is being a butt, so instead – 

Let’s talk a little bit about my Scotland, maybe? A lot of you guys have written to me complimenting him and telling me I’m a good cosplayer - and I appreciate every, single message. They make me very happy. 

But I didn’t start out like that. All my earliest cosplays were simply thrown together by whatever stuff I can find in thrift shops and in the beginning I would sew absolutely nothing unless it was absolutely necessary.

You can see how the jacket and the sashes sack on me from being too big and the fabric being too soft. Neither did I know how to wear a wig like Scotland’s - I kept pulling it down in the front to try to hide my giant forehead, which meant you could see my hair sticking out on the backside. Through the entire con. I didn’t know until I saw it on a video afterwards.

Also, wig styling? You could just as well have been speaking Russian to me! 

Scotland was my third cosplay, and that was back in august 2013! . Hell if I knew what I was doing. 

Apart from the wig, (which I later on spent 8 hours styling because I didnt know what the heckie I was doing,) absolutely nothing is the same as when I started out. (And I am working on replacing this horrible wig too.)

By now Scotland is the cosplay which I’ve improved the most and the one that makes me the proudest - even though I know I can still improve more!

We all begin somewhere. We all improve.


emily always does really nice things for me so i’m doing an EMILY COSPLAYER APPRECIATION POST TAKE THAT

especially since i know she’s been stressed about stuff lately and she’s still an awesome friend for me so here’s a little show of my appreciation for having her in my life uwu

if you haven’t heard of THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE i think you need to go follow her cause she’s rad

haah emily sorry i stole ur photos

y'all cosplayer fuckers better appreciate the selection in wigs that you have now because back six or seven years ago we didn’t really have heat resist wigs, the colors offered outside of the natural colors range were atrocious and crayola, and other wig colors had to be achieved by fucking coloring with sharpies or copic markers.

this post brought to you by the lingering resentment I feel while using a sharpie to give a wig some lowlights.

Calling all cosplayers!

Hey guys. I’m a trainee journalist, and I’m about to start working on a feature about cosplay as escapism / therapy for people with anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. If you think this applies to you, I’d love to hear from you about if/how cosplay helps with your situation.

I’m looking for a handful of cosplay photographs alongside a little comment from the people pictured about cosplay and mental illness.

If you think you might like to get involved, please get in touch! I’ve set up a little form for you to fill in here, and I’ll get back to those interested with further details.


Welcome to A Song of Cosplay!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog like this for months and now I finally did it.

What you will find here:

  • detailed references from the costumes on the show
  • tutorials and helpful links to help you with your own cosplays
  • finished cosplays from talented fans to inspire you

So no matter if you’re a cosplayer or simply appreciate the marvelous costume design on Game Of Thrones, this blog is where you will find everything your heart desires.

Since this blog is still in the early stages don’t hesitate to suggest improvements. I’d also be happy to add some additional members to help me run this thing, so if you’re interested just shoot me a message.

And whether you’re not interested or not, I’d still really appreciate it if you could reblog this post and help me spread the word!

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I'd like to toss this reminder for any cosplayer who wants to cosplay Cecil and is in a wheelchair: Cecil mentioned he was battling Lyme Disease in one of the earlier episodes. Lyme disease can range from fatigue and fever to joint pain and paralysis. Even if Cecil were to be getting treatment, it can be quite possible he could be in a wheelchair, as some Lyme disease/ post disease patients can well be. TL;DR, cosplay what you want. Don't let something like a wheelchair stop you. -Medical Anon

Aw I think the cosplayer will appreciate this