lilbitofextascy asked:

Hai beautiful stranger :P You are honestly one of the prettiest people on this site,, don't let haters get you down darlin. I never really came out as being bisexual, after my girl at the time left, I turned to my mom and said "she's a great person" and as expected my mom answered "yes, real sweet and polite" being the smart ass I am, I answered "great, I've been dating her a month" and left the scene of the crime. Keep your head high.

way to be a bad ass :) good for you #thatswhoiam

erotic-chef asked:

I love your blog! Your coming out story made me so mad! I cant believe your mom would act like this i am sorry you had to deal with that. Both my girl friend and I are Bi i never actually came out to my family but i came out to my girl friend and it was best experience and we discovered we both were bi.

omg will thank you. i’m glad you like my blog. i try to just me me, so yah :D also i’m so happy you found happiness with your girlfriend! it makes me happy to see that people have ether supported on connected to my coming out story.