cosplay: the smuggler


Let’s stay in the same theme as yesterday palette ! Force and Prejudice Tatooine story arc !
Shatti and Xarel in their smuggler “cosplays” / main NPCs for this story arc : Ysa'nora, twilek mercenary, space pirate Keran Jeevi, and Tee-Kaan, Ysa’s partner. (all 3 are @shamusu ‘s of course)

After recovering from their misadventures with Xarel Sith family (lovely people really), he and Shatti went to Tatooine to rescue Ysa, Xarel long time …”friend”, from a gang of pirates.
One of the fun part is that they had to pass for smugglers/mercenaries to sneak in their base… and that means DESIGNING OUTFIT ! 8D (thank you @shamusu to provide me with absolutely very necessary fanservice ♥)
Shatti actually borrowed some of Ysa’s clothes, giving me the perfect excuse to draw her a bit less covered, and Xarel out of his giant, oversize coat. And I’m so grateful for that. Because honestly… they’re pretty hot under their conceling Jedi robes !


Okay this took way too long >_> But I’m rather pleased, especially because I was a bit scarred by this weird palette. I hope u like it @shamusu u3u

Oh and about this “smuggler version” if some are curious : no this is not an AU, or a random thing. This is canon. These smuggler cosplays actually happened.  It was awesome. (But don’t let the picture fool you : I wanted to use the lightsaber color, so I picked the only 10 minutes during which these two went badass. Otherwise it was mostly stupid and hilarious. And a bit angsty sometime). I’d like to illustrate a lot more of this part of the story so consider this a teaser !


“Captain, I’m just a farmboy.”

“Corso Riggs, you are more than just a farmboy. You’re a soldier, a lover, a weapons expert. You’re loyal, you snore and you give the best kisses. You’re the one I want watching my back. Besides,” Carmadda stood on her toes and pulled his head down so she could kiss his forehead. “You’re my farmboy.”

  Sigrid was anxious, and she took it out on the laundry.
   She shook out each garment with a loud snap before folding and throwing it down on the growing pile of clean clothing. Her little sister Tilda glanced at over from her place on the window seat, pursing her lips and turning quickly to look out the window again, afraid she might have missed some sign of their father coming home. Their brother Bain stood at the table, mercilessly pounding potatoes into a pulp. Then,
   "I see him!“
   Instantly, all three were at the door, opening it just as their father reached for the handle.
   "There you are!“
   "I was worried!”
   They spoke at once, clinging to Bard as he closed the door. He embraced them back before releasing them quickly. “Girls, stay up here,” he said. “Bain, come with me.”
   His son followed him downstairs to the privy while the girls hovered near the railing at the top of the steps.
   "Da, what’s going on?“ called Tilda. Bard gave her a quick smile and touched a finger to his lips.
   "Just a minute, darlin’.”
   He lifted up the lid of the toilet and motioned Bain over. “Give them a hand, son.”
   One by one, Bard and Bain pulled a halfling and thirteen shivering dwarves out of the toilet.
   Fíli was so cold, he could barely lift his hand to grasp Bard’s. Kíli released his hold on him as he was lifted up, and when he was settled onto the floor, his legs buckled. Bard caught him, telling Bain to help the rest of the dwarves. He lifted Fíli and carried him up the steps.
  “Sigrid, stoke the fire, please. Tilda, love, will you get some blankets for our guests?”
  The girls hurried to do as their father asked, and after seeing to the fire, Sigrid poured some fresh water in a kettle and hung it over the flames. Something hot to drink would certainly be welcome. Bard settled Fíli nearest to the fire, and the other dwarves gratefully accepted the blankets that his youngest daughter offered.

Excerpt and illustration from Chapter 24: The Smuggler of ‘Fate Be Changed’!

Smuggler is so difficult to draw I’m not going to lie. I had to look up several fucking references in order to figure out how to draw the shape of his head. And even then I still don’t think I drew it correctly. (IknowIfailedwithhishatgahhh))

This was just meant to be a quick doodle, it turned into full color by accident. I’m sorta happy with how it came out, I haven’t full colored in a while so it doesn’t look as fantastic as I wished it would. Ah well, better practice more. 

But ye, there isn’t enough Smug art. We need moreeee.