cosplay: the corsair


CalArts Sketchbooks at a Glance

These are my favorite pages from the four sketchbooks I sent to CalArts (and which I think were solely responsible for my acceptance!).

I’m sorry about the teeny tiny size. I’m just not sure I want my sketchbooks available in full HD at the moment.

I did make a video, including all of the less well drafted pages, which I’ll post later (once I’ve gotten it onto my computer from my sister’s fancy camera).

All these he wielded to command assent:
But where he wished to win, so well unbent,
That Kindness cancelled fear in those who heard,
And others’ gifts showed mean beside his word,
When echoed to the heart as from his own
His deep yet tender melody of tone:    
But such was foreign to his wonted mood,
He cared not what he softened, but subdued;
The evil passions of his youth had made
Him value less who loved — than what obeyed.
—  Lord Byron, The Corsair

thewivesofriversong  asked:

20 Brax/Corsair c: (I forgot to reply to your msg but I do really love this idea of yours!)

  • 20. little talks

(be warned, I have only a vague idea of brax’s history and timeline, but then i think that’s everyone)

Brax is a hoarder of the rare, the Corsair is a thief of the precious; logically-speaking they’re a natural fit. Supply needs a demand, every purchaser a vendor. But it goes deeper than that. They both have the raw intelligence, the kind that isn’t found at the top of a graded math test. They can banter and keep up with one another. From a young age, they make dangerous friends.

Even when the Corsair leaves Gallifrey and its newest politician, they keep in touch with Braxiatel. Braxiatel always refuses to share anything but the blandest of information about the political scene, but the Corsair can read how things are going in the twitch of Brax’s lips, the the strands of tugged hair, the wandering of his eyes.

Once the Collection opens, Braxiatel has his own employees, seeking out the universe’s treasures. Still, he calls up the Corsair and asks if they’re busy, or if they could do him this small favor. The transactions are just (fairly illegal) formalities at this point; they’re there to see each other, but it’s not the same without the Corsair tossing Braxiatel a priceless treasure that is then nearly broken.

It’s fun, and neither their banter nor their relationship ever go far enough to cause discomfort. It’s fun, even if the law is looking at them sideways. It’s fun, even though the Corsair’s jokes about stealing Braxiatel away aren’t always jokes. It’s fun until it’s not.

The requests become stranger, the prices steeper, the comments more cutting, the conversations tenser, until one day the Corsair looks at Braxiatel and can decipher nothing. They see nothing of their old friend and shiver.

After a few stiff drinks and days of reflection, they inquire at Gallifrey about the inter-dimensional mapping project.

Than there his wonted statelier step renew;
Nor rush, disturbed by haste, to vulgar view:
For well had Conrad learned to curb the crowd,
By arts that veil, and oft preserve the proud;    
His was the lofty port, the distant mien,
That seems to shun the sight — and awes if seen:
The solemn aspect, and the high-born eye,
That checks low mirth, but lacks not courtesy;
—  Lord Byron, The Corsair
Peter Capaldi Thoughts (Rebloggable as requested)
What are your thoughts on casting Peter Capaldi?


I think Peter’s a brilliant actor (the best conversation I ever had with an actor was a phone call with Peter about Islington, and about how Islington always believes itself to be in the right). I can’t wait to see what he does. I’m glad that we’re getting an older Doctor — we’ve had two puppies, it’s time to see someone older. It’ll change the nature of the relationship with Clara in interesting ways, for a start.

(And here, for what it’s worth, are my other thoughts: Do I think it’s time to cast a woman as the Doctor? Not yet. Not quite. And lord, if and when they ever do that, I want them to keep it the biggest secret in the world until we see it happen on our screens during the regeneration. Would I like a person of colour as the Doctor? Absolutely. Paterson Joseph was the Marquis de Carabas in Neverwhere, because he aced the auditions, and beat all the other actors, mostly white, who tried out for the role. I’d want that kind of performance at the audition for the Doctor. And there are certainly actors good enough out there that it feels like a missed opportunity. Does that mean I’m disappointed by Peter? No, just excited to see what kind of Doctor he makes. He’s an Academy- Award winning director, an amazing actor and I really liked him when I worked with him before.) 

Could you further explain what you mean by “not yet, not quite” time to cast a woman as the Doctor? Please and thank you :-)


Not really. Other than, if I were show-running (I’m not) I wouldn’t cast a woman as the Doctor yet, and it would absolutely be on my list of things to do in the following regeneration. (I was the one who wrote the line about the Corsair changing gender on regeneration, in “The Doctor’s Wife” after all, and made it canon that Time Lords can absolutely change gender when they regenerate.)

Some of that is stuff I’d find hard to articulate, mostly having to do with what kind of Doctor you follow Matt Smith’s Doctor with: someone harder and much older and more dangerous and, yes, male feels right to me, as a storyteller. Where you go after that, ah, that’s a whole new game…

It doesn’t have to feel like that to you, nor am I telling you what to think. We’re talking stories here, and opinions after all, and your opinions are, obviously, as valid as mine.

ceci-nest-pas-une  asked:

Hello! Your episode of Doctor Who was absolutely fantastic, and if you don't mind I have a few questions about it for research that I'm doing on the representation of women in Doctor Who. 1) Your episode made it canon that a Time Lord can change their gender in a regeneration, but it wasn't in earlier versions of the script. Why did you include the line that the Corsair had been a woman? 2) Do you think the Doctor could or should regenerate into a woman? Thanks!

1) I just went and looked, and it turned up in the 5th draft, in June 2010, which was the rewrite I did where I moved it from Season 5 to Season 6 and first included Rory, instead of it being a Doctor/Amy two hander.

This was how the scene read in that draft:

AMY This Time Lord. What’s he like? Or is it a Time Lady?

The Doctor keeps leaving the control panel to talk to her, then heading back to it to make an adjustment. 

THE DOCTOR He’s called The Corsair. Fantastic bloke. Hearts in both the right places. Time Lord High Council couldn’t stand him either… 

(to Tardis)

You can do it. Push!

RORY So what happened to him?

THE DOCTOR Went off in a TARDIS, never came back. Problem unique to Time and Space exploring. You never know if someone never came back, or if they just haven’t come back yet. 

The centre column has now almost stopped. 

THE DOCTOR (cont’d) Lovely man. And occasionally, lovely woman. He had a tattoo on his arm. A snake, eating its own tail. Incorporated it into every regeneration. Said he didn’t feel like himself unless he had the tattoo. We’re completely and utterly stuck here. She needs more thrust.

I included it because it felt right, and made the Corsair, whom we had never met, more interesting, and it made something explicit that I’d figured seemed pretty obvious about Time Lords anyway (gender’s an option for humans, so why wouldn’t it be for Time Lords?).  2) I think it would make the casting the next Doctor arguments that happen online and in pubs twice as much fun if you could cast from twice as many genders.