cosplay: self


was tagged by the VERY beautiful @myeoneandonly to do the selfie tag!! decided to do the bias selfie tag as I didn’t have other selfies I wanted to post lmfao. 

tagging; @chanhyun @byunlucid @r-velvets @mrsweasley @my-bobohu @sefuns @mochibaeks @deararchimedes @byeolks @tipannies @subaek @sxhuns @suhosoo @topfied @winnerscity @baeksupreme @nc2t @okaybaekhyun @ookaikami @etherealbbh @squynhty @lovelychenjongdayum and I’m just gonna stop here or else I end up tagging all my mutuals lmfap. - do it if you wanna guys!!! ^^

baratheon-joffrey  asked:

Would you rather be incredibly happy but alone forever or unhappy but with the love of your life? also post a selfie you cutie you!! ☺️

I’d rather be happy and alone tbh. I don’t care how much I love someone - if it’s not making me happy what’s the point?

(I almost got a little too real for this ask game, lol.)

Like, a new selfie?

My hair sticks up a lot now.