cosplay: manhunter


Reba could feel the heat on the top of her head. It made her scalp tingle. She could smell her warm hair, Warfield’s soap, alcohol and disinfectant, and the cat. She felt a touch of faintness, quickly over.

She gripped the edge of the table and reached out tentatively until her fingers touched tips of fur, warm from the lights, a cooler layer and then a deep steady warmth from below. She flattened her hand on the thick coat and moved it gently, feeling the fur slide across her palm, with and against the lay, felt the hide slide over the wide ribs as they rose and fell.

She gripped the pelt and fur sprang between her fingers. In the very presence of the tiger her face grew pink and she lapsed into blindisms, inappropriate facial movements she had schooled herself against.

Thomas Harris, Red Dragon


Grocery Stores in Movies

Things get a little slow around the BW/DR office on Sundays, so we started up a “Grocery Store Movies” thread on twitter this afternoon. To our surprise, it’s taken off and several readers are chiming in with their favorite grocery store scenes (who knew that was a thing?) and having a lot of fun with it. 

Come join us! We’d love to hear your choices…


DC Comics has announced six one-shots featuring characters created by Jack Kirby, to be released in August to celebrate what would have been “King” Kirby’s 100th birthday. 

Though specific details have not been announced, the one-shots will feature characters such as Mister Miracle (who has his own solo series also launching in August), the Black Racer, the Newsboy Legion, Darkseid, Orion, OMAC, and Manhunter.

Image art by Chris Burnham, Bruce Timm, Bill Sienkiewicz, Howard Chaykin and Shane Davis.