Cosplay Love

Cosplay isn’t really about looking good.

Keep in mind, it’s nice to take a gander back on those pictures and get a sense that the time that you had at the convention,  or party or whatever event that required you to to doll yourself up for.

Cosplay isn’t about being the exact perfect size.

Chances are that you’ve seen far too many photoshopped images if you’re thinking that there’s any way that a human form can contort to the proportions of your typical animated individual.  The stress of being ‘perfect’ for your character should not factor into any part of your decision making. Your body is beautiful, just the way it is.  Your costume should just be something that you choose to adorn it with.

Cosplay isn’t about becoming famous.

I have yet to see one show that portrays cosplayers accurately.  From what I have seen, it’s mostly some beautiful models who sometimes have a slight fondness for the outfits of the characters.  That’s great, but that isn’t cosplay.

Cosplay isn’t about judging.

Being judgmental of fellow cosplayers puts negativity and pressure not only on the other cosplayer for having done something supposedly 'wrong’, but also the one doing the judging.  There’s no reason to put high standards on a creative past-time and hobby.  It’s negative and wrong to expect others to adhere to those same standards.  

Cosplay, for me…

It’s about that one moment when you’re standing around a convention, doing pretty much nothing in particular.  You’ve spent about three hours that morning applying makeup, brushing and styling your wig, squeezing yourself into your costume, adjusting all of your props, and for no other reason than the fact that you can look into the mirror, and not just see your regular old self, your 9 to 5 boring face staring back at you in the mirror, but you see the face of the character that you not only love and adore, but absolutely relate to on such a deep level that part of you feels that they are them.  It’s that one moment, when you’re shifting around in your armor, glancing down at your phone to check the time, when you look up and someone’s staring directly at you.  Their eyes light up with admiration and excitement, they call the name of your character, with a smile so wide it’s as though they’re an old friend, and quite suddenly, like a bolt of lightning it hits you.

They understand.

It isn’t about the make up, or the props, or the pictures, or the publicity.  It’s not about judgement or shame or competition.  No, cosplay is about your love of a series or a character and the community of wonderful, understanding people that you create around you because of it. 

I don’t care if you’re a SuperWhoLock, or an HP fanatic, or a LOTR geek, or Star Wars addict.  It doesn’t matter.  It never mattered.  Cosplay is about community and love.  It’s about support and friendship.  Ultimately, it’s about looking around and knowing that there are others out there just like you.  That the world is not make up of people scoffing at your fandom antics, telling you that you’re acting like a child, that we need to leave all of this in lieu of…what? The depression of an un-creative lifestyle?  The acceptance that adults can not ever have fun?  Terrible Reality TV and Gossip Magazines? (Yes, I gagged a bit at that last one too.)  No, cosplay is about all of us nerds supporting all of our other crazy nerd antics.  It’s about understanding, love and fun, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.