cosplay zero suit

Me discovering that my Zero Suit is blacklight reactive!

I made the suit using retroreflective tape, the same stuff that’s used in safety jackets. It’s not actually a light source, but it appears to light up under stage lighting, photography flashes, or other direct light sources. Apparently it glows under blacklight too!

This is an awesome alternative to using EL tape, which gets easily overpowered by stronger light sources. It’s also way easier to install, and you can sew straight through it! I’ll definitely use this trick again for other cosplays!

Dragon Con is over and I’m finally back in Texas! Atlanta feels like a second home to me now, so it’s always a pleasure to spend time there and a little sad to have to leave.

Wearing the Zero Suit was the highlight of my con, and I think this is my new favorite cosplay! I worked really hard on the suit and it was so gratifying to see it come together. Thank you guys for following along with my progress! I still have a few unshared progress photos which might appear in the form of mini tutorials, so stay tuned if that’s your jam. :)

Photographed by Bryan Humphrey: Mad Scientist with a Camera​
Paralyzer by Cute Monster Cosplay​