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Since I’m terribly horribly anxious about not finishing Vanessa VanCleef in time for Blizzcon (I’m over 100 hours in and only have 4 weeks left to finish!) I’m dumping my progress here to remind myself that ~everything is going to be fine~

Minor technical commentary in the captions. 

Deep breaths Kiga. You’re going to get it done. You’re doing your best.


wizard world philly 2017: Forsythe Pendleton Jones III 🍔👑🐍

  • crown: handmade
  • south side serpents jacket: base jacket from primark with handmade patches
  • ringer tee: h&m
  • pins: @maccosmetics x @archiecomics
  • burger purse: amazon
  • black denim skirt: american apparel
  • plaid shirt: borrowed from @jordangibson
  • suspenders: century 21
  • black tights: forever 21
  • ankle boots: forever 21

[instagram: bettyfelon]


Hey guys! I didn’t show you my Newt shooting! I loooove those photos a lot and it’s a cosplay I’m really proud of so I’m happy we made it! >ww< (I’m in love with this character and this movie and the whole Wizardry World in general, in case you didn’t know. 8′D)

Photos by:Ellyana

Newt/Cosplay made and worn by: Saria