cosplay vocaloid 2


I DON’T NEED TO SLEEP, I NEED TO DRAW THESE TWO (Yeah I’m a zombie right now lol).

Well… VY2 is my favorite Vocaloid, and when I started to play MM I thought  they look similar¿? Just accept that you love Saeran in VY2 (66) clothes  AND YOOSUNG LOOKS SO FUCKING CUTE WITH LEN’S COSPLAY ;;; <3

Yooran Week Day 2  

Videogames / Cosplay.

Heyy, so in the beginning of this vid I did the ship flip with a friend. I’m showing off my costests of Len. It’s still coming together though, and I also included some clips of my Oliver cosplay. I’m still working on a few cosplays, so I’m trying my best completing them. I’m also adding a few new ideas after the 9s cosplay that is coming soon! I hope you like what I have to show!


Here’s some ideas of who I’m going as for Animinneapolis.

Friday morning- Luka Megurine (Just be Friends)
Friday afternoon- Lynn Langermann (Outlast 2)
Saturday morning- Rin Kagamine (Love is War)*
Saturday (?) Sunday - Konan (Naruto)

*I couldn’t find the pictures I had of me in the love is war cosplay, so have a picture of my nephew and I dressed up as the twins.