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Some of my favorite pics from the Voltron meetup at Anime Boston! Thanks so much to @relatablepicsofvoltron for organizing the event!

If you’re in any of these pics please let me know and I’ll tag you!

some more neopia headcanons
  • brightvale: is home to over 100 secret societies (or so i’m told).
  • darigan citadel: for whatever reason, the citadel is the most common location for conventions in neopia. The ratio of cosplaying visitor-to-permanent resident is 20:1 most of the year.
  • faerieland: its new grounded location has enabled faeries to renew the interest in environmental conservation; in fact, faerieland is home to some beautiful nature reserves and national parks.
  • kiko lake: the freshwater lake situated within the kiko lake valley has attracted some of the wealthiest neopians over the years, who have constructed beautiful lakeside mansions all around the water. these luxurious homes are empty most of the year; most visitors come in the summer months. unfortunately, this influx of rich retirees has destroyed some of kiko lake’s natural features, in favor of golf courses.
  • lost desert: sakhmet is a massive cultural hub, and its borders stretch out all the way to the eastern lost desert sea. the ocean breeze protects this part of sakhmet from the desert heat. sea-side sakhmet is also the location of Coltzan University, one of the top schools in neopia.
  • mystery island: apart from it being the most popular tourist destination, the island is also home to some of the most famous restaurants around the world; this is in part thanks to produce that is unique to mystery island’s climate.
  • roo island: is home to neopia’s biggest amusement park, and is renowned for its hipster cafes, which are speckled all over the island’s map. RI has the highest kadoatie cafe-to-citizen ratio in Neopia, at 1 cafe for every 10 citizens.
  • shenkuu: prime hiking trails! the best mountain hot spring is located at its highest peak, and is situated next to a tea shop. it’s pretty cold in shenkuu’s higher altitudes, but those hot springs make the trip worth it.

anonymous asked:

Is it you? Are you the Grapes Aradia cosplayer? The one who was stuck upstairs in cosplay while visitors or family were over and you wanted Grapes but could not be seen?

it always just comes back this this don’t it 

but yes, that is one of the many identities I bear