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Cosplay Videographers

I wanted to address an issue thats been happening to cosplay videographers. So we all know who “haters” are and those haters always judge. We all know Acksonl as this videographer who pioneered the epic steadicam videography in the cosplay world, and is basically the most preferred videographer. But since he’s the the most known videographer, he’s also the most critiqued videographer. 

People who bash on him or any of the other videographers are like a spoiled child. You get a great high quality video with amazing cosplays in. And it ends up not being enough at all. But you guys don’t realize the hard work that goes into these videos and the money. I want to let you guys know that they do it for a hobby and its for FREE…they don’t get anything out of it. What you guys need to understand is that if you don’t like these cosplay videos because they only show the best cosplays or they dont show enough of the con etc. Why watch it? When your sitting in front of the computer and you see a new video by Ackson or Mlz and then continue to hate on it after you watch the video….whats the point? Like what do you expect when you click on their video? I just don’t get how you click on a video, when you clearly know what kind of video its going to be, and yet you still watch it and then hate on it. 

Heres some advice…If you don’t like the way cosplay videos are filmed they why don’t YOU make a video then? Maybe you can be the next innovative videographer on youtube. Try it out and step into our shoes for abit and make a video thats different. Cosplay Videographers encourage being different, they love it. Next time when you watch a cosplay video, appreciate because what they do is an art form that captures the beauty of cosplay and its also a free service. Don’t be ungrateful of the hard work these videographer put into their videos.

[TRU]-llusion Productions @ MAGFest 2014: Cosplay Videography and Other Announcements

Hello, Wonderful People~. I have come with announcements about the upcoming new year and everything that will be done in the year of 2013.

  • As you saw by our title, we are heading to MAGFest at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland!

  • We will be spending the whole weekend dressing up in our cosplays and partying till the sun goes down (kinda)! 
  • We will be filming our first video of the new year @ MAGFest, but this video will be somewhat… different from the others… *evil cackling*
  • If you are attending MAGFest and want to be featured in a video, find us! :D

Now, for other announcements, these are the conventions we will be trying to attend this season.

  • Katsucon
  • Otakon
  • MAGFest (Duh!)
  • Colossalcon
  • Megacon
  • Orlando Comicon
  • Dragon-con
  • Anime Expo
  • Anime Boston

These are just the basisi of the cons we plan on attending this year. For more information about what is happening, don’t be afraid to contact us either on our main blog or over Facebook or Twitter. Happy Holidays to all!

Something That Bugs Me About Cosplay Music Videos...

As the new trend of cosplay videography comes into play, we see many AMAZING cosplays that get captured in all their glory. People like Acksonl and MLZStudios are great at what they do, but I see one repeating problem. 

They do the same stuff all. the. time.

This concept of Elite Cosplayers has come into wind in the recent years. People like Yaya Han and others getting in these videos all the time.

BUT. Don’t make it seem like I don’t like that.

As a armature cosplayer, I look up to people like that, especially Yaya Han for when I have trouble or need tips.

But again I say, there is a problem.

When we look up something like, Katsucon 2013, you tend to find cosplay videos featuring these big cosplay stars showing off there awesomeness… but…

Where is the con?

Yeah, you shot IN the con.

Yeah, you featured people who GO to the con.

But… What about the other cosplayers?

What about the black Grell Sutcliff who had the most AMAZING make-up and teeth for the character?

What about the plus-size Zelda cosplayer who worked on her cosplay for MONTHS and having it resulted in the cleanest cut dress I ever laid my eyes on.

What about the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu dancers who did a PERFECT rendition of CANDY CANDY in HEELS?

Where is the fun and friendship that is made and the totally random shit that just happens for the excitement and hype that makes people want to GO.

I never see this, but there is one person…

One group…

That has never failed to amaze me with the quality of there videos…

Beat Down Boogie.

I look up to them.

And you know why?

Because they show how much FUN a con can be.

They show how much DIVERSITY can be seen. 

And they show how a group of people can be brought together.

That is why I want to make videos. That is why we organize these events. That is why I am willing to pay over $2,000 dollars in camera equipment. Because I love the community. And I love to film and what can be better that putting those two things together? 

People like Sneaky Zebra and Beat Down Boogie INSPIRED ME. 

Now, do not get it twisted that this is a bash on some videographers…

But we need more DIVERSITY in these videos. Not more blacks, not more plus size. More diversity. This is everyone.

And if it takes me TEN or TWENTY videos to get EVERYONE in it, you bet your ass I will get it done.

But this is how I feel.

Thank you.