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Stop attacking other people for looking different than the character they’re dressed up as! We need to be nice and accept one another! ‘Cause in the end, we’re all just a bunch of nerds, looking to have fun, right?


As promised, here are the pictures of the van now that the graphics are done! Still needs a tone of work mechanically and on the interior, but aside from wheels and a few other tiny things you wont notice on the outside, its presentable!

I’ve literally spent years getting this thing to this point and I’m so happy to see it now I could cry. It doesn’t even look like the same heep that I pulled into my driveway on a rainy november night in 2015.


We’re very sorry for our marriage.

Lapis - @kellykirstein

Pearl - A Smile and a Song Cosplay (Instagram and FB only)

Amethyst - @dekuflowerr

Peridot - @for-the-love-of-clod

Steven - @thechosenboi

Sapphire and Ruby - @seelofapprovalcosplays

Connie - @thethingsaboutdisney

Photography by @keighleyk on Instagram

Looking at the same Scooby-Doo scene before and after a cutaway is like switching between alternate universes, except the differences are things like 

  • Sandwich shapes
  • Whether you own a fish
  • How much you look like a gremlin cosplaying Sleepy Gary
  • The size of yellow cardboard boxes
  • Where you like to sit on chairs
  • The existence of paper sacks
  • How much of a v-neck your nightgown has
Call for POC in fandom setting

Please share and participate in my poll concerning racism within fandom. I would like the most accurate statistics possible which would mean getting many of your inputs.

Along with that, if some of you are comfortable I would also like to hear stories/screenshots of experiences you’ve seen be it first hand or something you simply witnessed. 

White followers if you could signal boost this for your non-white followers to see that would be fantastic.

I would like for the POC in fandom to have an opportunity to share their experiences within the fandom setting and not be talked over, all things shared will be kept anonymous whether or not you send a message openly or privately.

(If I’ve tagged your fandom it’s because I’ve already heard and seen a multitude of complaints from the fandom in question and would like to direct attention there.)

Thank you for helping and reading!