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Hello! I'm pretty new to cosplaying and was wondering if you would mind helping me out? I apologize if you receive this ask often, but I was unable to find anything. Would you by any chance be able to give me some tips on wig styling or just tell me which products are the best, and also where I can find good contact lenses? Thank you

Hi! I made a post about wigs a while back, but I will copy and paste it here for convenience. :)

Lucaille is my absolute favorite place to buy wigs, shipping is a little spendy but the wigs are mostly below $20 which means you can get 2-3 to make it more worth your while! Some even come fully styled and only require a slight trimming of the bangs.

Arda is of course a favorite amongst cosplayers everywhere, they have some of the highest quality and widest range of styles and colors anywhere! I’ve gotten many of my best wigs from here. They also sell worbla and other cosplay making supplies, and perhaps the biggest plus is that they’re in the US so if you live here shipping is much faster!

Kasou’s wigs are some of the highest quality I’ve come across so far, and as a result they are more expensive. Nonetheless, an extremely trustworthy and kind seller who makes beautiful wigs!

If you are willing to jump through hoops on Taobao by using a proxy service such as Spreenow (i’ve used them several times and they’re great!), this is another great shop .

As for contacts, I highly recommend Uniqso (you can use my code “hisoneko” for 10% off!) or Honeycolor!

Hope this helps~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


(via Been working on weapons for a Lara Croft/Tomb Raider cosplay, check out the behind the scenes here! 


This is a work-in-progress, but it’s a start. I’m organizing my cosplay bookmarks into a great big spreadsheet, with links to resources for all sorts of cosplay supplies.

Currently, the list is mostly focused on US-based websites, but I will include International ones as I find them and mark them accordingly.

The list currently includes links to various resources for:

  • Accessories
  • Corsets
  • Dancewear & Leotards
  • Fabric
  • Jewelry-Making
  • Leatherworking
  • Makeup
  • Paints & Dyes
  • Prosthetics
  • Sculpting & Casting
  • Shoes
  • Thermoplastics & Fosshape
  • Tights & Socks
  • Trims
  • Wigs & Hair

Categories are on the sheet tabs at the bottom of the page.

Bodysuit is here. I honestly like the way the printed suits photograph way more than if I had sewn the ribbing together myself. I didn’t get as much customization done on this as I would have liked, but I was extremely depressed and also broke / unable to buy cosplay supplies for like 3 months when I wasn’t employed and my savings was dwindling. So im trying not to be too hard on myself about it, especially considering I’ve only really had 2 weeks I could possibly have worked on it (during which I also had work every day) and my life had been a mess. Also, still trying to save up for a security deposit/rent for when I have to move apartments (house hunting is another thing currently killing me).

For dragon con though I’d like to have the leather and pink strap details made, and the shoulder/neck/back bits if I don’t get to them by next week. I’m still buying neopixel rings in case I get around to them but that’s probably wishful thinking.

Anyway I highly recommend Zentai Zone, I gave them my measurements for the free tailoring and as you can see, it fits in all kinds of ways lol. It took about a week (maybe less?) from me ordering it to get here.

I have a Patreon Now :3

Hey guys if you wanna support me and my family, and the many art pieces and ideas I have PLEASE feel free to come and support me  :3

This would mean so much for you guys to help as this will give me more items to buy for the house such as pots, pans, food, diapers ect…. as well as the few fun extras like art supplies and cosplay materials

PSST…. HEY! Also FYI, I’m planning to do a Darkiplier Cosplay from a Date with Markiplier…so this will help as well….. Just figured you guys would like to know.


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Hi twinfools! I know you made a post about where you get your cosplay supplies a while back. I cant find it (im on mobile) is there a key word i can search? Ty!


I don’t think I tagged it so I’m not sure it would show up :( what supplies specifically were you looking for? Maybe I can help re-cap some of that answer!

yeah though i’m wayyy too tired after pulling almost an all-nighter to finish my translation then working my main job then cosplay supplies shopping so err sorry hinata no birthday art :( again :C

but!!! i got some stuff to fix up nino and vanessa for ottawa comic-con this weekend, including fabric to redo nino’s cape since i really didn’t like how light the purple i’d originally chosen out of cheapness was. i’d also like to finally style nino’s wig instead of just wearing it as is bc i’ve gotten more confident at this stuff. for vanessa i’d mostly just like to do some paint touch-ups on the armour and spearhead and make the armour not fall apart so much haha. ooh and hopefully finally get some nice pictures of her! i still haven’t even posted any of the full thing D:

on the off chance any one else happens to be going, if you see me you should totally come say hi :D


¾/2015>> Doing work between classes. I really am enjoying my new setup it works well; considering I took a lot of books from the library and now have more than I know what to do with. 

And yes that’s a cosplay binder; I happen to be planning one. That’s why the binder is out; I was working on it. 

Joann Coupon Tips

Since a lot of people in the cosplay facebook group I am in liked this post, I’m going to make an actual post for it here on tumblr too.

I learned a LOT of tricks while working at Jo-Anns that helped me out a lot with affordable cosplay supplies. These should also help a lot of others as well! 

When Joanns gives the big discount coupons during big sale dates where there seems to be a never ending supply of them, what is going to be on sale is MOST LIKELY the fabric. All Craft items(non-textile oriented things) will most likely not be on sale, and if they are the sales are pretty decent. 

Make sure you know sale change dates. Sales end usually on Saturday nights. They go Sunday - Saturday, some sales are different, there can be weekend sales only as well that are Friday - Sunday. So if there are some coupons that work only on weekends for a weekly sale, get there BEFORE Sunday, or ON Sunday depending on what the sales change to. Once I had a 60% off, and on Saturday everything was regular price I needed, and on Sunday everything I needed went on sale and I couldn’t use it. Watch the sale dates! Get a flier when possible.

There are a lot of places to go to get coupons when there are no major sales:

  • Hobby Lobby 40% off
  • Hancock Fabrics 40% off
  • Michaels 40% off (or other coupons, but you can only use one)
  • Retailmenot (app or webpage. There is a 40% off all the time)
  • Sign up for the newseller and get coupons 1-5 times a week in your email
  • Sign up for the paper flier and get monthly coupons that way
  • Always take a small paper flier at the checkout with coupons when they have them

Those are just a few tricks, and you can wrack up a TON of coupons using all those methods. With the competitor coupons you can only use 1 per competitor. You can use a hobby lobby, Michaels, and Hancock at the same time, but not 2 hobby lobby or two Michaels. With the Joann coupons just make sure they do not have the same number. You can use as many coupons as you have items!

You can also make a lot of savings by using the end of the bolt. If you notice there is not a lot of fabric on the bolt, ask for a little over the yardage there and take the rest for 50% off. Ex: 3 yards left, ask for 2.25.

These are the main tips I have! There are probably other little things to do as well and if anyone has anything feel free to add to it!

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Okay, I would probably put: 1. Books 2. Snowbaz/Solagelo/Victuri/ML fanart and fics 3. Flowers 4. Art supplies 5. Cosplay pictures

That would work really well, you could summon me with that. Thanks for sending something hun! :D

low activity notice?? 

just a heads up that with the convention being roughly two weeks away, i’m doing a ton of prep for it. as much as i wish i were, i’m not someone who can multitask that well like watching tutorial videos and doing drafts. plus i’m shopping and trying to find cosplay supplies and it’s just a lot of things that i’m trying to get ready in time, having only found out about this con literally a month before it happens. so this isn’t a hiatus! just a request to please be patient with me for the next three weeks! <3