cosplay stuff ahaha

I didn’t really have time to draw anything, but I wanted to do one last rapid scribble or something before year’s official end. Farewell, 2016! I won’t be missing you, but you did occasionally give me a few good things - like introducing me to Undertale! Has it really just been since April 2016 I’ve been a nerd for skeletons and fire people and other awesome monsters? Ahhhh. Here’s for good times ahead! Stay determined!

we ended up running into this really cool Red cosplayer earlier in the day and took pictures of one another and then found eachother again at the gazebo!!!

so we definitely had to get a picture together!!!!!

we later met up at Darren Korb’s q&a and sat together and he got a big kick out of that and snapped a picture of us after a Kid came in and sat behind us. and then he put it on his twitter god bless

photo taken by my brother again!!

little teaser for the big magfest shoot that we did on saturday!!! there’s alot of pictures so it will take some time to get them all done but wow there were so many great spots for pictures!!!! 

photo taken by my brother!!!

and thank you to everyone who recognized me and asked for a picture, it was greatly appreciated and you all made my day! <3