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Sketchy paint fan art of the wonderful fahrlight! Check out her cosplays, they’re pretty amazing (gods bless her cheekbones): 

Sandman cosplay
Lisbeth Salandar cosplay 
Pacific Rim cosplay apparently going to happen in the future!!! D: gosh gosh gosh

(I definitely have a thing for jet-black hair and snow-white skin)

anonymous asked:

When you cosplayed femjericho did you paint your arms for the tattoos or used something else? I wanna cosplay her someday so I wanna get some ideas on how to do the arms.

i made my own armsocks for them out of pantyhose!!! if you google “homestuck armsocks tutorial” you should be able to find a tutorial on how to cut/make one pretty easily. those ones do include covering the fingers which is a little more than what u need to do for this cosplay so i suggest making them more like fingerless gloves and obvs you want to go for a pantyhose that suits your skin colour

to paint them i used jacquard fabric dye and then a black fabric paint pen for the muscle strands/wing outlines. i didn’t paint them myself but i had a good friend who’s a super gr8 artist paint them for me while i was wearing them!! i’m pretty sure that if you don’t have someone that can do this you can paint it yourself (my friend mo painted her own tights for a different cosplay by stacking hairspray cans on top of each other). the great thing about these dyes is that you can treat them pretty much like watercolour pigments. you shouldn’t need to buy more than one pack (i think the most we used was half a bottle for the red).

i don’t think that painting it on your skin yourself with body paint is a good idea if you can do the armsocks method because painting it onto your skin will take a long time,,,,, plus you’ll definitely need someone to help you which is hard 2 do if everyone else is getting ready for a con

but here’s some tips on painting the armsocks:

  • my friend outlined the wings first with the pen, then painted on the red, then filled in the wings, then did the muscle strands with the pen after everything else dried
  • idr what the actual paint technique is called (i think it’s called dry brushing) but doN’T do that; make sure your brush is well saturated before painting. if your bristles are not wet enough they’ll catch on the nylon and you’ll get runs or at the very least unsightly pull up threads/bumps
  • related to the previous bullet: use good if not high quality fine bristled brushes because it’s a pain in the ass when coarse bristles catch on the fabric
  • something to be careful of when painting in the red: you might accidentally oversaturate the fabric (what with wanting to cover a large area and trying to keep your brush wet) which will cause the paint to collect and drip, possibly over the wings, which is definitely what started happening with me 8’);; keep paper towels handy in case this happens because it’s almost impossible to cover over the red with white once it’s set in but also to avoid this happening just work at a fairly slow pace, don’t try to load your brush with an asston of paint
  • jacquard is water soluble so you don’t have to worry about it staining your skin (furniture on the other hand………….). after taking off the arm socks i had it on all night because we finished at like almost midnight and i was too tired to wash it off before i slept and i still managed to wash all of it off before work in the morning lmao

also when you’re making the armsocks make sure they’re super taut when you wear them because them being loose will affect how you paint them and like. just trust me it’s a huge pain if you accidentally make them too loose. the ones i made are actually too loose and you can tell when my arm’s bent

but yeah!!! that’s pretty much most of what i learnt while making them. jericha’s a fun character with a bombass design :>

For my Salamander cosplay I decided I could totally embroider these things that he has on his vest

I have 0 experience in craft stuff, but I figure fuck it I can do it anyways.

Tonight I started practicing filling in circles. I would like to share a few things my crafty sister said to me:

“WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?!” - after seeing I had somehow sewn a giant knot into the circle

“It’ll be a fucking miracle if you make 1 patch by November”

“Practice makes perfect… in your case practice makes good enough.”

There’s a reason she’s doing all the alterations and I’m not.


i think what i like the most about it is that it’s been an idea since then but the design has grown to reflect my current fashion tastes like real talk if i could wear this every day i’d be really happy in my appearance and i think that’s the most appealing thing about it o|–<