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This little girl cosplayed Jyn Erso and delivered the Death Star Plans to Princess/General Leia

Harley (5 years old) and her dad Dino Ignacio made several copies of the Death Star Plans to deliver at the Star Wars Celebration held earlier this month in Orlando, Florida.

She successfully delivered the Death Star plans to Princess/General Leia Organa, C-3PO, creative executive at Lucasfilm Pablo Hidalgo, and to the shrine of Princess herself.

(Click the link above to see more photos)

[[This is technically from last night but for the kick off party for emerald city comicon this year, the bird and I decided to dress as two influential comic book writers in our lives, Kelly Sue Deconnick and Matt Fraction.]]

out doing a photoshoot for link with some friends...
  • little girl: is that sword real or fake?
  • me: its a real sword
  • little girl: AUDREY ITS A REAL SWORD!!!!!
  • little boy: i'm gonna tell mom you're talking to strangers!!!
Looking for 3D artist to commission

Hey, 3D art pals! I have a few things for The List (a pepperbox gun from Critical Role) that I’m game to commission:

3D modeling for flintlock (can be non-functional), ring trigger, and repeater mechanisms. Suitable for printing at Shapeways, probably in metal.

Reference for flintlock and repeater is here:

and here for the trigger:

I can send you a raster mockup that shows the size for the final gun. Ideally, I will print in metal and screw + glue to the final gun.

If this is something you can turnaround by mid-July, please:

1) Check this original post to see if I haven’t already commissioned someone

2) If I still need an artist, send me a message with your portfolio and estimate for the models. You can do all 3, or pick and choose.

Thanks for looking!

anonymous asked:

Kurloz, I find your eyes very beautiful. (May I know where Kurloz-mun got those contacts? they are amazing! Perfect for my cosplay I'm working on.)


((I actually got them directly at a con, which I later learned is stupid and maybe even illegal in some places. I recommend pinkyparadise for contacts. Your eyesight is very important, so always make sure to buy contacts from a trusted and legal source!))

Anthony Misiano: In my opinion the best cosplayer EVER. He’s my cosplay role model. Also he is very good looking. Not to mention how perfect he’s mastered the smile and laugh, plus he’s got the tall, thin figure just like Joker. He almost never breaks character when he’s at conventions.


My cosplay of Barbara Wright from ‘The Sensorites’ at Chicago TARDIS 2015!

This has been one of my dream cosplays for a long time, and I had so much fun wearing it around the con! The dress was surprisingly hard to make, (never work with linen unless you have to!) but I’m happy with how it turned out- I’m particularly proud of the belt on the back. I made the necklace from two others I took apart, and I was so lucky to find the perfect bouffant wig. My little First Doctor marionette was commissioned from a local artist and is fantastic, and also admired by Paul McGann! Woohoo! 

Since Barbara is my hero and role model, cosplaying her at last was awesome. So many people recognized me, and it’s so great to know how many fans still love her too.  

And meeting another Barbara cosplayer was doubly awesome! Her Aztec Barbara was so beautiful up close, and absolutely perfect. (She made it herself, along with the adorable ‘Curse of Peladon’ Jo Grant dress her daughter was wearing, awww.) I never see anyone cosplay Barbara at cons, so this weekend was a dream come true and made me very, very happy! <3