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Idk where this came from but here it is. I guess this is what happens after days of not drawing anything.

Surpreme gay otp award goes to SanUso because this is the longest I’ve ever been majorly and deeply attached to a pairing. Usually after a year or so, I get a little bored…move on maybe if something else grabs my attention. But no, here I am in my otp clan. Otp clan here we stand.

ngl kinda feel like a chaotic neither on this website ½ full of people calling each other pedophiles or aphobes or ableists or w/e with no real evidence or actual grasp on those definitions and ½ full of teenagers that self dx’d with 20 personality disorders kink shaming/bullying ppl then blaming their bpd/npd/dpd/etc cocktail, y'all wild and i can’t relate to any of you


I already follow quite a few people but i wanna follow more

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Bonus points if you post one (or more) of these specific things: Sanster, Sansby, Kingdings, Mettasans, Soriel, lots of Gaster-related stuff, lots of Sans/Skelebros-related stuff, Grillster, Alphyne, Fontcest (I particularly prefer classic fontcest, some AUs are ok tho)

I’m okay with most Rick and Morty stuff (yes that includes C137cest tbh)

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Heyyy another question how did u make ur meenah braids???

the braids are robes that I found at the DIY store. I spray painted them black and hot glued hair clips on the ends. I attached the clips to a regularshort wig.

this is from my FAQ ( there’s more information on other cosplay related stuff on there.

So even though I did not have time to post this yesterday, I still wanted to say happy two year anniversary to Star Vs the Forces of Evil! ❤😄❤ I saw the premiere for this show at Comic Con a few months before it aired, so the day the show premiered, I dressed in a Star Butterfly inspired outfit. Who would have known that in only two years, and many Star Butterfly cosplays later, that this show would become one of my absolute favorites? Everything from the story, characters, voice acting, music, backgrounds; etc. are wonderfully done! Also, every single Star Cast and Crew member that I have met are so talented and kind. They constantly inspire me not only as an artist, but as a human being.

Also, lets not forget someone else I’m greatly inspired by; the character Star Butterfly herself. I could write a novel about her, but one reason I really admire her is because she’s so unapologetically herself. 💕 I love every chance I get to cosplay her and be able to connect with so many of you in the fandom. I’ve luckily met many fans of this show and I only hope to meet more of you in the future! You guys are my fam and I look forward to gushing over the second half of season 2 with you all this February. 

(Also, on a personal note, I’ve been very busy recently with some non-cosplay related stuff, so I may not be updating as often for a little while. I’ll still be as active as I can be on all my social media though! Thanks for understanding, love you all!)

Star Butterfly is me, Marco Diaz is heyveve/ Veveisme. Cosplays made by Veveisme. Top two photos taken by mikerollerson, bottom left by Veveisme, bottom right by @wirelost-photography


Here’s a new tutorial, I hope that it’ll be useful for you :D
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Hello everyone!

I made separate blog, kisecosplay , to put all of my cosplay and costume related stuff into.

Which means; you no longer need to put up with all of the non-cosplay stuff I post, it’s easier to browse through if you’re looking for something specific,  more wip pictures of things (such as the articulated wings and hands above), and more replies to (anon) messages! (As lovely as they are I can’t fill this blog up with dozens of them..!) 

Reblogs are really appreciated to spread the word, thank you!

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No one wants to see your cosplays.

Then don’t….follow…. us?

Okay real talk. You guys all know our policy is that we don’t post hate mail. But this one is just confusing. ALL we post is our cosplay related stuff. Thats ALL this blog is. We never reblog our fandoms or cool posts cause we know you are here for the costume stuff. 

We are never, ever offended by unfollows. If you don’t like our stuff. That’s really okay! Block us, ignore us — there too many people in the world to expect that everyone like us. Just unfollow, it’s totally cool. You won’t hurt our feelings, make the dashboard you want. 

Quick heads up — all our cosplay posts are tagged ‘Aicsoplay’ in the case that you want to follow us for our asks and want to blacklist our actual cosplays!

As far as hate goes, this one is just odd. At least insult my shoddy craftsmanship, I mean, I’m a terrible sewer and I always revert to hot glue. Or my nose. 


Mini reference tutorial of Sevens back for @distortion-princess!
Plus a little explanation of how the drones work.

I have build the golden triangle backpart with craft foam and covered it with worbla. Then I made a wooden board that can be attached to the back with straps (the black upper back part). On this I can attach the triangle with velcro. With a mounting point I can attach the sword with a metallic pin.

The sword is glued on Plexiglas that hold the drones. But that is an old picture. Now I have them attached with a steel framework because the Plexiglas was too weak to hold the motors that moves the drones.

An early version of the drones had spring gears that I developed myself but there has a cord to be pulled to activate them. Now with a switch in the glove I can activate them more comfortably.

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For fabric dying, how big should the pot be? Cause I mostly have small pots. And just to make sure, it's a pot that we can't use for cooking after fabric dying right?

Your pot and the amount of water inside should be large enough that the fabric can float freely without getting too balled up.  For example, I can dye one whole hoodie with the capelet in a 5gal pot.  However this may be too small for a large dress.  If your pot is very small, you may have to split your project into two dye baths.  The bigger the pot, the less you have to worry about uneven dye stains from the dye getting trapped in a fold for a long period of time.  If your pot is on the small side, make sure you constantly stir the fabric around to disturb those folds!

That’s right: never ever dye with a pot, measuring spoon, or stirrer that you use for cooking!  Dye is a hazardous material, and while some types can get on your hands, you should never eat it.  Cheap stainless steal pots can be found for about $15-$20 and they’re a great investment for fabric dyeing, boiling wigs, sharpie dye, or any cosplay-related stuff that involves plastic or chemicals.  (If you don’t have a separate set of measuring cups on hand for your dye, Vantasticmess has a tutorial on how to do this with an old soda bottle.)