cosplay q & a


(( OOC: My Q&A video is finally here! I also had a little help from a friend of mine, I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy! )) 


Reminder that I am gonna be making a Q & A Video. And I still need some more questions. so if you have anything you’d like to ask, click on the video title and ask away.


My Q cosplay from Magfest!! If anyone caught pictures of me I’d appreciate seeing them :3

This was so much fun and everyone at the photoshoot was so perfect 😢 The bottom picture isn’t the best quality but I love it too much to not post it.

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Gifs of me and some of my JoeBros that were captured in this awesome AWA 2015 video by TheAbeyantHero (who also makes an amazinngg Joseph!)!
Thanks for being awesome!

There were also other amazing Jojo cosplays and much more!
See the video here!  

Joseph- kisekissesforkuroko
Caesar- tenkaistar
Stroheim- Keanan
Suzy Q- Jessica N
Polnareff- hollowkonpaku
Avdol- Dominique D


12.28.2016 – Bungou Stray Dogs Animate Cafe

THIS CAFE WAS LIT AF. i was having too much fun just fangirling over the servers cosplaying Port Mafia Dazai and Q (they were too cute!!!) and being amazed at how much goods the people around us bought lol

my friend and i got Soukoku’s drink (Chuuya’s tasted like non-alcoholic wine hah and Dazai’s was straight up cola) and we both ordered Odasaku’s rice dish. for dessert we had Q’s sundae which was rather delicious, then I ordered Mori’s drink to finish it off. his drink actually tasted the best???

you can play this game where you go inside another room and try to solve a puzzle? but my Japanese is not good enough so i didn’t even attempt that shit lol 

the Dazai server also hosted a small game in which you hold up 1 of 4 pictures (2 of Port Mafia, Guild, and ADA) and whoever holds up the matching one to whatever Dazai randomly chooses, you receive a special bookmark. turns out Dazai picked the Guild which only like 2 people chose

the coasters we got in total were Ango, Odasaku, Fukuzawa, Chuuya, Akutagawa, and Fyodor

I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH HOW CUTE Q AND DAZAI WERE AHH – we took a pic with each of them but don’t wanna upload bc we forgot to ask their permission if it’s ok to post online ;;;

anyway we just walked around ikebukuro after and i did this BSD vending machine that sells themed drinks w/ a charm inside AND GUESS WHO LIL ‘OL ME GOT. that’s right, Kunikida!!! so i was very happy. k bye