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Foamy wings tutorial 

*Apologize for my english*

  1. Decide the size of your wings and make the skeleton with wire and some paper (white one i didn’t have white paper so used what i had).
  2. Add a hard piece in the U of the skeleton in my case used a book cover.
  3. Start glueing the long feathers first in the bot of the paper. 
  4. Then add medium size feathers for the 2 next lines.
  5. Finish covering the next free space with smaller feathers.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 in the other side and remember also cover where the U wire is.
  7. Add the straps and you are done!

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I finished up my Garnet gauntlets today! I didn’t think to get photos till I was halfway through painting them unfortunately, so I grabbed a picture of what they looked like before I started off the internet. I saw a couple of people say that you could refurbish foam hulk hands, so that’s exactly what I did. I just winged it all really, but it worked out pretty well!


We’ve been asked a lot about how we made boot covers for our Satsuki cosplay, so we decided to scrap together the (unfortunately) few photos we’ve made during the process and try to say something helpful about it.

First thing first: There are many ways for making boot covers, but what’s really vital for Satsuki’s boots is the right fabric choice. I highly suggest looking for a fabric with nice stretch, so that in the end it wraps tightly around your legs, kinda like a stocking. This is a rare case where I absolutely wouldn’t recommend leather for boots, it’s usually too thick of a material for this job. 

I would love to tell you what the fabric we used is called, but I honestly don’t know T.T Some weird glossy synthetic with a touch of rubber, or so it seems. It could be possible to find something of this kind in a place that sells fabric for theatre or carnival costumes.

Now to the making process. My preferred method for boot covers uses duct tape. For Satsuki it went down as following: 

1. Tightly wrap your base shoe with something (e.g. newspaper, cellophane etc) to prevent damage and then cover it with duct tape

2. Cut the duct tape off your shoe as you can see in the photo – and now you’ve already got your pattern for the shoe itself. You can just go and use it on your fabric – go for it.

3. Now for the boot-leg you could either (1) cover your own leg in cellophane and do the same thing with duct tape (I don’t do this, but why the hell not) or (2) just fetch a measuring tape and get down the measurements for the desired length + leg girth on the widest and the slimmest part of your leg

4. Get your boot-leg on paper and adjust it to your leg again if you used the method (2). Don’t forget that now that you’re using a fabric with lots of stretch you’ll have to adjust your boot-leg again anyway to sit really tight ;)

5. Cut the fabric for your boot-leg out (1 boot-leg consists of 2 parts – right and left), sew the two parts together along the front seam, NOT the back seam for now. 

6. Connect your boot-leg with the shoe-part that you’ve already completed after step 2 (if not, now’s the time)

7. Now you should do the long blue line that covers the front seam of Satsuki’s boots. IMPORTANT: the fabric you use for the blue parts MUST have approximately the same amount of stretch as your white fabric. Otherwise it’ll screw the whole thing up. 

8. After getting through all of this you’ll have to fit the boot-leg to your leg - now for real, on actual fabric. Here I don’t think you’ll get by without someone who lends you a hand. Fetch someone and let them pin down the back line of your boot-leg while you’re wearing your boot cover. Be sure to get it as tight as possible.

9. Now sew your boot-leg together along the back seam. Try it on again, adjust if needed.

10. There’s still the blue line on the back that you should get to after you’re completely satisfied with how your boot-leg fits. You’ll probably need to sew the line on by hand. After that, complete the blue line around the upper part of the boot-leg

11. Don’t forget to add a holder so your boot covers don’t “jump up” from the base shoe. The easiest way is to close your boot covers under the hill of your shoe, e.g. using velcro

PS: With the right fabric you won’t need a zipper, so that’s a big plus in this otherwise annoying work that is Satsuki’s shoes :D

I hope that was at least somewhat comprehensive. Again: CHOOSE YOUR FABRIC WISELY and you’ll get it done.

Our Kill la Kill cosplay progress:

Ready Kill la Kill cosplays on our cosplay tag :3


Found some time to catch up on One Punch Man, then this happened

I’m laughing at the thought of me cosplaying Sonic though because I get hives when I run too fast

Attempted the last photo due to much prodding on my page, and now, children are crying

Eva foam bracers tutorial

*sorry for my english if any errors*

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  1. Use plastic wrap to cover the area you want to take out the pattern from.
  2. Then cover it with tape.
  3. Cute it and paste the pattern to paper. (I always add lil bit extra in the sides in this case added left, right and bot)
  4. Paste them to Eva foam and cut it.
  5. Add details with foamy (borders) and glue everything.
  6. The small cut you see in the back its because that way I can Fit my fist with no problem.
  7. Cover it with wood glue.
  8. Now with plasti-dip.
  9. Paint it and after it dries put a layer of modge podge.

My Battle City Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk!!

The build took a few weeks and it turned out quite anime screen-accurate (far better than the Mattel version imho)

The disk itself is kinda heavy and as a result attaching it with straps proved difficult so I had to improvise with the hand portion; but now it is just fine (and you can’t even tell in pictures) ^_^

The life points screen is a printed out piece of paper with a piece of plastic glued on top. (Maybe in the future I’ll program an Arduino screen with changeable life points and sound effects :p)

Let me know if you have any questions about this build and I will happily try to help you out n__n

It’s time to D-d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!!!!


Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada Supersuit v.1
Built by Make It Happen and me, Jin (behindinfinity)! Also worn by me!

Although completed, we consider this a prototype. I took it for a test run last weekend for NexCon Manila 2, which was incredibly fun! It also gave us a better idea of what improvements we need to make. My favorite part of wearing it is working the mechanical gloves!

Did you spot the hidden Mickey in Hiro’s supersuit? I made sure to incorporate it into mine!

I hope to shoot proper photos soon! I’ll be posting more updates on my Facebook page ▶︎ Jin (behindinfinity)

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My Millennium Rod is ready!!!

The build didn’t take too long or require too many materials: Wood, wooden sphere, wooden dowel, polymer clay, glue (PVA and super glue), paint and sanding paper, (and a passion for Yu-Gi-Oh! certainly helps :p) I didn’t have a tapered dowel so I had to sand a cylinder it in that shape by hand (if I had a lathe it would certainly have saved me time).

Big thank you to my dad for helping me out assembling the whole thing :)

As always, shoot me a message if you would like further information about this build and I will do my best to help you out!