cosplay nycc


Throwback to NYCC 2015! I was so proud of putting this costume together (and still am!) 

My favourite part is probably the silver of the sleeves; the texture is all beads strung together one by one, and the left lower sleeve is detachable to reveal the torn part, so I can do either the Jotun arm or the regular undamaged look. 

I’ve been meaning to do another shoot with this for at least a year, but just haven’t gotten around to it (also want to do some work on the wig). Hopefully this year I’ll be able to do some more photos! 

Silhouette Cosplay 
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Photos of the tattoo from my cecil cosplay at New York comic con… It was super fun!!! I met a lot of awesome people, and really awkwardly posed for a lot of pictures lmao


Ok I’m pretty proud of this one. The painting and gluing was easy, but the horns were a challenge. I needed something moldable, lightweight, and able to strongly attach the the shoes (aka glue wasn’t gunna cut it). 

SOLTUION: I found these doll eyeball things that come with a little disc to secure them. I molded the horn (crayola model magic) around the eyeball, shoved the screw part through a little hole I made in the shoe, and secured it with the disc! Good job amanda, u so smart. 

So now that I’m sitting on a train on my way back to school, no longer wearing gloves and able to type I’d like to share about my highlight of the day which involved a 15-ish (probably) year old boy running up to me as I sat down on the stairs near the food court lean down and yell “D.VA ID LIKE YOU TO TAKE THIS OFFERING”, throw a bag of Doritos in my lap and then run off before I could say anything back

A close runner up involved a man handing out flyers for a sbarro yell “D.VA MY WIFE WOULD YOU LIKE 10% OFF YOUR PIZZA”