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Do you think that you can make a comic where Adrien comes to school in a sailor moon costume I need to see one it can be just like this one Marinette is wearing a maid costume and Alya is wearing a chef costume and nino wears whatever a DJ wears please I always wanted to k ow what Adrien would look like is a sailor moon cosplay.

Ever since I posted that Pajama Day Comic people have been saying that they really want to see Adrien in Sailor Moon cosplay XD In that comic I said that Adrien cosplayed as Sailor Moon on Halloween but apparently in France they wear scarier costumes.

So let’s just say this takes place during a costume day/party at school.

I never thought there’d be a day where I’d draw Adrien in Sailor Moon cosplay and I seriously could not keep a straight face while drawing this…thanks anon


Hi, everyone! I got many questions about the gloves and nails, so i tried to create a little “tutorial”.I use basic patterns for gloves, but made the fingertips  longer. Then I sewed the gloves, but left the fingrtips unsewn. Then I glued fake nails from the inside of the gloves to one side. Cut other side of the fingertip and glued it… hope my horrible drawing will help to better understand XDD

By the way, beautiful ring was made by


Photo dump part one of the 2017 Animazement Convention! I’m sad to say I won’t have as many photos as last year as I wasn’t actively taking them in worry of memory on my phone, but that won’t stop me from sharing them anyways!
As it always goes, if you see yourself among my posts for conventions, by all means let me know! I can tag you or remove your picture if you’re not comfortable with it being posted. Don’t be afraid to tell me!

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