cosplay noir

“Une Ladybug, Lady du coeur
Être héroïque en cas d'urgence”

Costume - me
Design - @hubedihubbe
Photo -

Another photo of my Steampunk LB costume. This time whole outfit. Unfortunately at this photo you don’t see that longer skirt with gradient…


Ah, it feels like forever since I posted any art. I feel I may have gotten a tad rusty. I made this to thank @princess-sakura-serenity​ for dubbing my entire Cinderella AU. She had plans to print the image (without the background) on t-shirts. The characters are OCs created by her and her boyfriend, Isamu. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think that you can make a comic where Adrien comes to school in a sailor moon costume I need to see one it can be just like this one Marinette is wearing a maid costume and Alya is wearing a chef costume and nino wears whatever a DJ wears please I always wanted to k ow what Adrien would look like is a sailor moon cosplay.

Ever since I posted that Pajama Day Comic people have been saying that they really want to see Adrien in Sailor Moon cosplay XD In that comic I said that Adrien cosplayed as Sailor Moon on Halloween but apparently in France they wear scarier costumes.

So let’s just say this takes place during a costume day/party at school.

I never thought there’d be a day where I’d draw Adrien in Sailor Moon cosplay and I seriously could not keep a straight face while drawing this…thanks anon

“You’ve never been my best friend, you’re a joke! Adrien will die laughing when he reads your dumb poem!“ #evil laughter™ 

Alya Césaire [Dark Cupid] cosplay by @windlessleaf


Me and my sister cosplayed as Girlymatsu Karako and Todomatsu at Kawaii Kon 2017 on Friday. Didn’t take too many pictures that day since we arrived pretty late-ish ^^; Still, everyone looked amazing in their cosplay that I had to take full-body shots!! 

I’d like to think that Marinette thinks of Adrien whenever it rains~

Made in Ps 


Hi, everyone! I got many questions about the gloves and nails, so i tried to create a little “tutorial”.I use basic patterns for gloves, but made the fingertips  longer. Then I sewed the gloves, but left the fingrtips unsewn. Then I glued fake nails from the inside of the gloves to one side. Cut other side of the fingertip and glued it… hope my horrible drawing will help to better understand XDD

By the way, beautiful ring was made by

Happy Free Comic Book Day!!!

“Tikki and me were just having a nice day out before I go to work–then!!!

“The look of when you’re still not used to being a public figure!? Oh my gosh, a comic about my younger years? Tikki, was I seriously like this a few years ago?!”

Older!Marinette for visiting the comic store because I had work RIGHT after! Hurrah for cosplays you can wear in public :D

I HOPE EVERYONE GOT THEIR COPY! It’s a cute read and we get to have lacrosse featured, which is rare! Have a happy free comic book day everyone!

My friend (Noire) and I cosplayed the trash twins from Pokemon Go some time ago and I wanted to share our favourite picture >//<

We are huge fans of @surfacage and all the comics and fanart she does, Blanche and Noire have a great story and are so fun in their own way, so I honestly hope you like the cosplay <3

Blanche/Me: Shousjoshark [x

Noire: Mintolada [x]