cosplay nation


My friends and I were inspired by @punziella‘s Ozai’s Angels fanart and we put together a cosplay version for Ikkicon this year! 

props to @renfamous for orchestrating our Fire Nation Girl Gang. It was super cold the day that we wore these, so we had to make some modifications :’D

featuring @renfamous as Azula, @peonylang as Mai, and myself as Ty Lee.

Also, whenever I get even the slightest bit worried about Finn’s future due to the way this racist fandom treats him, I remember how most of the guys I’ve spoken to in real life who considered Finn their TFA favorite and who believed in FinnRey were white men, and how warmly Finn and John were received by the critics and general public, and how that one FinnRey cosplay couple made national news and was adored by everyone, and how Finn merchandise as well as Rey was in higher demand than expected after TFA came out, and how basically, the general audience is made up of good eggs who Lucasfilm is going to cater to, which means lots and lots of Finn kicking ass and doing great things in future films!