cosplay malfunction :p

Imagine Sam and Dean rescuing you when you're in a "unplanned" "disguise"...

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You had infiltrated the vampire nest by disguising yourself. Get in, kill the vampires and get out.

However, it hadn’t quite gone to plan. You were currently dressed as some sort of elven princess, not the most logical disguise, maybe, but it was the best for this job. The vampires had been frequenting a local LARPing group and you didn’t exactly have anything that fit their victim description.

You improvised well, but apparently dresses don’t hold knives in their waist bands as securely as jeans would. You had thought the leather belts would be practical, but the ankle length dress and high boots put pay to any credibility the outfit had. The knife had clattered to the floor from beneath your dress and it became quite clear, quite quickly that it wasn’t simply a prop.

It definitely wasn’t your proudest moment.

What made it worse is the vamps had tied you up for later while you were still wearing said outfit. You knew you’d be fine due to the fact you’d contacted Sam and Dean so they’d be clearing the nest from the other direction.

A few minutes later, you heard them unlock the door.

“Y/N?” Dean said raising an eyebrow as he entered the room.

“Yes, I know. It didn’t work and now look stupid. Just untie me.” You grimaced.

“How the hell was that meant to work?” He said, tilting his head before beginning to laugh. “Wander around as Belle of the ball and then behead vampires with a knife shorter than the height of your heels? You knew we were the other side of the building. All you had to do was sneak in, you didn’t have to dress up for that.”

“Shut up Winchester, it seemed like a good plan at the time. Can you just undo the ropes?” You said with an even tone to try and sound threatening.

“Not before I take a picture so I can show you every time you say you have a good idea…”