cosplay malfunction

PSA to all the cosplayers on my dash and in my life because a lot of you are stressing right now and my mother-hen instincts are kicking in.

  • You’re doing fine
  • The fabric you picked was the right choice, it’s going to look great
  • Yes it’s going to get delivered when it says it’s going to get delivered.
  • Put down the stitch-ripper. Walk away for ten minutes. Come back calmer.
  • Yes the color is close enough to your reference material.
  • No I don’t think anyone will notice.
  • It’s alright that you fudged authenticity on that piece.
  • It’s alright that you over-did it on authenticity on that other piece.
  • You’re not going to let anyone down.
  • I believe in you.
  • Remember to eat and sleep.
  • You’re doing fine.
  • Better than fine.
  • You’re going to be amazing.

And now it’s time for Big Shot! The show that tells all about fugitives!

Anime Expo Tips!!!

Hello everyone!
It’s 1 week to AX, and I just wanted to give everyone some helpful tips! I’ve been going regularly to AX since 2011, and since then I’ve complied a list of things that can be super helpful!!! (Sorry that it is so long!!!)

~-Day 0 Tips-~

Day zero is honestly a must in my book (if you are able to, of course).
Basically, it’s a day you go to just to pick up your badge (I think there are some small panels and such as well on those days, but usually it’s just a day spent waiting in line and spent hanging around the area)
This year there is also Day -1 on Thursday when you can also pick up your badge I think, so honestly if you can go either day to pick up your badge, you really should!
So for some tips for the day(s) I suggest

-dress comfortably, the lines will be outside and the wait can be long at points
-wear sunscreen, especially if you are fairer skinned, the sun is a deadly laser
-bring lots of water bottles
-bring snacks!
-go with other people if you can! Make the day fun!
-if you need to get out of line to walk around if you don’t like standing, there are a few places within walking distance (there is a Starbucks near the Ritz Carlton that I always go to) so have a friend save your place and go!
-bring your 3DS or something! It’s always a good idea to have something to keep you busy!
-don’t be afraid to talk to people! The lines are a great place to make new friends!

~-General AX Tips-~

Anime Expo is a very big con and it can be very overwhelming at times, but remember that we are all just a bunch of nerds getting together to enjoy what we love! So as long as you have a good time, the con is a success!!
-Be flexible with scheduling. Sometimes a panel isn’t going to start or end when it says, or you might not make the panel you want to go to. Just go with the flow and you’ll have a better time!
-line up early for panels! If you want to go to a panel you know will be crowded, get there 1 hr+ early!
-keep cool! The AC at the convention center works really really well, but some cosplay meet ups and lines and other things are outside. Luckily the weather app says it will be within the high 70s over the weekend (which is rare, as the last couple years have been almost unbearably hot) but always drink tons of water, and I also recommend bringing a small handheld fan or something of the like
-Bring snacks!!! Food in and around the convention center can be expensive, and sometimes you and your friends will get so caught up in the excitement of everything that you’ll forget to eat! That’s why snacks are so important, to make sure that you at least have something in your system
-Eat breakfast! This might seem weird but honestly having a good breakfast in the morning is super important when you’re planning on running around all day. I’m a con-muter so I drive to the convention center with friends, and usually we either stop at a jack in the box, bakers, or Starbucks on the way, just to make sure our stomachs are nice and prepared for the day ahead!
-Get some sleep! I know it’s hard when you want to go to all sorts of events and panels and everything, but it’s not going to be fun if you’re walking around like a zombie! If you have a hotel room or have a friend who would let you sleep in a room of theirs, go take a nap. Or go into one of the programming rooms where they are showing an anime and sleep in the nice dark room. Usually what I do though is just rest a bit on the floor of one of the larger areas where everyone sits and just take a small power nap if I need.
-know the layout of the center. If it’s your first time going to AX, take some time to get acquainted with where everything is! Look at the maps online, look around when you get there! The convention center is pretty big, but I’m sure you’ll figure out where everything is in no time!
-have a meeting spot! With almost everyone having cell phones, most of the time if you lose your friends you can always just text them, but in case something happens (a phone dies, gets lost, etc) you should always set up an easy to find meeting spot!
-bring chargers! This one is super important. If you are like me, you take tons of photographs of cosplayers on your phone and live blog your days at cons, and likely you’ll run down your battery quick! So make sure you bring a charger for anything you bring with you!!!
-REMEMBER TO ASK BEFORE TAKING PHOTOS OF COSPLAYERS! This is in caps because it is very very important.

~-Cosplayer Tips-~

As a cosplayer myself, I like to make sure that my fellow cosplayers have a fun Convention experience!!

-bring extra clothes! This might sound like a no-brainer, but I failed to do this last year and had multiple cosplay malfunctions happen….. so extra clothes in the case of emergency is super important
-bring a cosplay repair kit! In recent years, the cosplay repair station has really stepped up its game in what it provides for cosplayers, but I still recommend bringing your own pack of things, just in case! My pack usually includes:
•hot glue gun
•needle and thread
•cosplay-specific items (spirit gum, latex,etc)
-know when and where gatherings are! The gathering locations are listed on the website, as well as the times! Make sure you check in advance so you have time to get to where you are going
-go early if you have a prop to peace bond! The peacebonding stations are usually near the entrances and they tend to be kinda crowded in the mornings (especially on day 1) if you have any sort of prop weapons you have to get the peacebonded! (I think the peacebonding stations are open on day 0 as well, so if you want to get some of those out of the way that is also an option)
-try not to stand in high traffic areas for photos! This means:
•in the middle of the hallways (off to the side is good, and the hallways at the LACC are really wide so there is room to take pictures on the sides and people can still walk)
•inside booths in the exhibit hall (unless there is a specific photo op station)
•in the aisles of artist alley (this is a major one, those get super crowded!!!)

So this is all for my tips! I’m sorry that it is so long! If I missed any, feel free to add your own tips! Remember to have fun and stay safe at AX! This year is going to be a great one!
And if you see me feel free to say hi, I might have treats to give out!!!!

sophiasugary  asked:

Hey there! I just love your blog!! It so entertaining and I stay up super late to read em over and over again. But I have a request. Can you make a "How would the RFA+V+Saeren react if MC was an extreme Otaku"

That’s so sweet darling! Thank you so much!


  • This boy loves everything about you
  • He thinks it’s super cute when you fangirl over anime
  • Is definitely one to get jealous over fictional characters tho
  • Loves watching anime with you
  • Is super down to couple cosplay with you
  • And in return to watching anime with you, he wants you to play LOLOL with him
  • You guys have a lot of fun as a gamer/otaku couple
  • It’s real cute


  • He thinks they’re alright
  • Doesn’t hate them or love them
  • Will watch them with you without a fuss
  • But he doesn’t get into them so much
  • Definitely loves to couple cosplay with you though
  • That’s the only thing he likes about anime
  • Otherwise he’s a much bigger fan of live action/live performance forms of entertainment


  • Doesn’t understand the appeal to this Japanese form of entertainment
  • Thinks the girls are always overly sexualized and doesn’t like it
  • But will watch it with you
  • Especially likes the slice of life anime you watch together
  • Because the girls aren’t super sexualized in those ones
  • Does think it’s relaxing to settle down with a couple episodes of an anime after a long day
  • Anything with you is relaxing


  • Can see the appeal and how it is so popular
  • Also sees the dollar signs
  • Asks you if you’ve ever had an idea about an anime
  • If you have, he immediately puts it into production
  • Partly because he loves you and has those assets, but also because he can see entertainment being a large profit for C&R
  • Wants you to voice over one of the characters if not the main character
  • But he does like doing things that you enjoy so you can expect him to watch and cosplay with you
  • Takes you to conventions in faraway places and puts a lot of time, effort, and money into your cosplays


  • This boy was already an otaku, guaranteed
  • You introduce each other to a bunch of new anime
  • You make counterparts for each others already existing cosplays
  • And make new ones while you’re at it
  • You swap stories about cons and cosplay malfunctions and the most horrendous anime you’ve seen
  • It’s a really great bonding thing and ultimately makes you two more intimate
  • It’s so great being with someone who can relate with you and introduce you to other, relevant things you’d enjoy


  • This guy has no idea what any of this stuff is
  • He’s heard of it but never looked into it
  • He had more important stuff to do
  • So getting to enjoy these commodities like anime makes him very happy and excited
  • Especially enjoying them with you
  • He doesn’t quite understand cosplay though
  • That’s a lot of effort put into something that may not even be good
  • But he does it anyways
  • Anything to make you happy


  • Boi is blind
  • He can’t appreciate the visual quality of cosplays or animation
  • And he sometimes thinks the voice acting is melodramatic or overdramatic, depending on the anime
  • But hey, if it makes you happy…
  • It makes him happy too
  • Feels really bad about not being able to do your photoshoots for your cosplay for you
  • Always ensures whoever is doing your photoshoot is qualified and doing things correctly
  • Never thinks they’re doing things correctly
  • Will gladly send Luciel with you to cons so you can truly enjoy yourself
  • You never accept that offer though
  • You’d rather be with V
Little tips for witches who cosplay

Because it can’t be just me, right?

From enchanting to spell bags to glamours, i’ve thought up some ways witchcraft could be applied to cosplay.

Any jewelry or small props for your cosplay? Enchant it with a spell for confidence, for altering how people see your cosplay, or even a spell for just putting a little extra oomph into your cosplay.

Enchant wig styling tools to help keep it in place. Enchant make up to help keep it in place, to give it a little extra beauty, to help with confidence.

Cast a spell to help your cosplay look good in pictures.

If you’re worried about people taking pictures of you at a con without your consent, awkward comments, etc, make a charm, talisman, or sigil to ward them off.

Make a small spell bag to bring good luck, and maybe help prevent cosplay malfunctions and bring positive reactions and comments. Carry it around with you if you can, or if you’re staying overnight at a hotel for a convention, slip it under your pillow.

Make a vision board to help you manifest all of the things you want to happen/buy at a convention.

If you’re at a hotel during a convention, cleanse the room and cast a spell in your doorway to cleanse negativity, bring peaceful rest, etc. Bring a spell bag or bottle with you for those purpose if you want.

Feel free to add!

Cosplay malfunctions HOO BOY
So, in my first years of making my costumes for the first time, I made some shorts for my uniform, and I tried to use stitch witch to hold the black fabric to the pants, but when it fell apart, I cried while my friend quickly hand stitch it. I also cried because the paint on my sword melted because I didn’t know specific paints lol. I cried the whole day til someone in the same costume as me complimented me. =’)

And then, I made mako from legend of Korra the night before, and when I went to put the shirt on, I cried because I couldn’t get it over my head. I also forgot to put SNAPS on it instead of sewing the whole thing together.

—  Submitted by @madamezombiestix

1. joyfulpoet

2. steam-powered-girl

3. “Alex”, friend of spinerox

4. jbot-08051995

5. imaginarybutler

6. mewth24

i also snapped a pic of “Prote”, ericsfacewhen’s fanbot but it was incredibly blurry.

unfortunately my phone was dead for most of the convention (i even tried recharging it briefly before the concert) so i didn’t get nearly as many photos as i wanted…

***if you know who the malfunction cosplayer is, please let me know!***

Imagine Sam and Dean rescuing you when you're in a "unplanned" "disguise"...

External image

You had infiltrated the vampire nest by disguising yourself. Get in, kill the vampires and get out.

However, it hadn’t quite gone to plan. You were currently dressed as some sort of elven princess, not the most logical disguise, maybe, but it was the best for this job. The vampires had been frequenting a local LARPing group and you didn’t exactly have anything that fit their victim description.

You improvised well, but apparently dresses don’t hold knives in their waist bands as securely as jeans would. You had thought the leather belts would be practical, but the ankle length dress and high boots put pay to any credibility the outfit had. The knife had clattered to the floor from beneath your dress and it became quite clear, quite quickly that it wasn’t simply a prop.

It definitely wasn’t your proudest moment.

What made it worse is the vamps had tied you up for later while you were still wearing said outfit. You knew you’d be fine due to the fact you’d contacted Sam and Dean so they’d be clearing the nest from the other direction.

A few minutes later, you heard them unlock the door.

“Y/N?” Dean said raising an eyebrow as he entered the room.

“Yes, I know. It didn’t work and now look stupid. Just untie me.” You grimaced.

“How the hell was that meant to work?” He said, tilting his head before beginning to laugh. “Wander around as Belle of the ball and then behead vampires with a knife shorter than the height of your heels? You knew we were the other side of the building. All you had to do was sneak in, you didn’t have to dress up for that.”

“Shut up Winchester, it seemed like a good plan at the time. Can you just undo the ropes?” You said with an even tone to try and sound threatening.

“Not before I take a picture so I can show you every time you say you have a good idea…”


Here are the pictures I took on Saturday at Megacon. Sadly I didn’t get too many good ones since it was so busy and I was dealing with cosplay malfunctions. -A- I was getting bumped into every few minutes.

If you are in any of these pictures, please let me know so I can give you credit!


Nagisa: N/A

Rei: N/A

Makoto: N/A

Noiz: N/A

Jean: twerks4cosplay

Koujaku: N/A

Hanji: aislingsveme

Mikasa: aisling07