cosplay is hard and nobody understands


I’m not going to post too much about the experience because I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable with our awkwardness, but @inkypop proposed to me at Acen last week in the most beautiful display of geekery I could imagine. Our photographer and so many of our beautiful friends were in on it and I couldnt be happier ;U; I needed to post these photos because they’re gorgeous and I’m just so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life next to someone who’s just as ridiculous as I am <3

Thank you everyone on tumblr for, over the past like, six years encouraging the two of us as we began our journey to falling in love. We’ve had an incredible and supportive community here, and we wanted to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts <3

I’m still waiting for my official photoshoot photos to come back from Youmacon (I’m hype for them, but my photographer was graduating/finishing a thesis and I was like dude take your time QAQ) but in the meantime, here’s another shot fo my Zarya taken by the lovely Saurlock Photography on Facebook ;u;


I gave Zarya her first test run today, and I’m so happy with how she’s coming along ;u; There are still a few little details and changes that I want to add to her as Otakon gets closer, but I’m proud with some of the crazy new things that I had to do to make her work for me! This is my first “big” armor build, so I’m glad to see it all finally coming together!!

(Also she lights up now which is really cool and makes me happy! If you want to see some of the process videos, etc., please check out my Instagram @agenerichero <3)


I tried on all of Cullen for the first time today! I’m very excited to wear him at Katsucon in a little over a month ;u; I did so many new things with him that I’ve never tried before (like using worbla and satin stitching), so I’m really proud with how he’s ended up! I have a few more adjustments to make, but hopefully he’ll be at 100% by the time Katsucon rolls around <3

Tomorrow, 7 years ago, was when this webcomic first posted its first page.
But tomorrow, in present time, will be the last time it posts its last page.

Its crazy to think we started off like this.. The characters in all white clothes, simple symbols on their shirts and an even more simple story and timeline.. and then we became this big, jumbled mess of teen feelings and complicated time shenanigans!

i think the webcomic represents the fandom that way, too. we started off as a small community, with simple art and simple cosplay, and then grew into this big, hUGE fandom, where everything we do is big, complex, and of course, full of so much irony.

i think i’ll have more deep, important things to say tomorrow, but.. guys.. this ride has been awesome. i loved “playing this game”, or going on this journey with you guys. and im glad to be ending it the same way i started it. having no fucking clue whatsoever of what im getting myself into, screaming, distressed,
but never alone!

Being a kid and growing up. It’s hard and nobody understands.