cosplay is hard and nobody understands

I’m still waiting for my official photoshoot photos to come back from Youmacon (I’m hype for them, but my photographer was graduating/finishing a thesis and I was like dude take your time QAQ) but in the meantime, here’s another shot fo my Zarya taken by the lovely Saurlock Photography on Facebook ;u;


I gave Zarya her first test run today, and I’m so happy with how she’s coming along ;u; There are still a few little details and changes that I want to add to her as Otakon gets closer, but I’m proud with some of the crazy new things that I had to do to make her work for me! This is my first “big” armor build, so I’m glad to see it all finally coming together!!

(Also she lights up now which is really cool and makes me happy! If you want to see some of the process videos, etc., please check out my Instagram @agenerichero <3)


I tried on all of Cullen for the first time today! I’m very excited to wear him at Katsucon in a little over a month ;u; I did so many new things with him that I’ve never tried before (like using worbla and satin stitching), so I’m really proud with how he’s ended up! I have a few more adjustments to make, but hopefully he’ll be at 100% by the time Katsucon rolls around <3


Tenpou and Kenren (Colossaalcon, 2015) | Hakkai and Gojyo (Acen 2013)

This one is kind of silly, but these costumes have been a huge part of our lives for the past few years: Gojyo and Hakkai brought the two of us together, and Kenren and Tenpou has made us even closer. This series has meant a lot to us, and being able to constantly draw on it makes us both so blissfully happy <3

Thank you guys all for your support and constant love!



Alright, so this is pretty much just the basics (I still need to do like, the mask and the embelishments on the shirt, and I need to make my boots TUXEDO MAAAASK boots) but I’m really happy with how this is turning out. I’m basing most of this on hannarorz’s design, which is simply glorious and aaaaa I’m super pumped to be a part of the RTstuck group at Shutocon aaah ;u; <3

(also I’m sorry for the really crappy beard. I’m planning on really working that makeup for the actual costume!)


I’m super happy that I was able to get one last WIP costume test done before the new year for Samickle from Okami! I still need to add a few effects to really get that watercolor feel to the costume (and I’m debating doing skin shading/outlining too in terms of makeup along my jawline and hands). Overall, though, I feel like I’ve made some good progress with this and I’m super excited to finally be cosplaying from one of my favorite games of all time! 

Also, I have a few pictures of me sans mask because I’m going to assume that, a few times during con, I’m going to be dying behind a mask, but I’m not too confident in my makeup job (I kind of tried a Cytomander thing from TTGL). If anyone else has some suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


Hey guys!

Holy cow, we just got home from Youmacon and it was such a blast. Seriously, everyone we met was so fantastic and beautiful, and after I catch up with homework Inkypop and I will actually post pictures from our photoshoot, but here are just a few group shots!

I was the Summoner from Day 1 and 2, and I’m the Hanna from Sunday ;U; <3

If anyone saw us, feel free to drop me a line! I got a ton of names for tumblr and stuff, and I promise I’ll watch everyone as soon as I remember how to balance excitement with homework ;u;

Again, thank you to EVERYONE who made this weekend amazing and perfect <3

((Everyone in these shots: Inkypop, TheyCallMetheMerchant, RecklessDreamer13, Kooncelot, Thigh-Highs-and-Koolaid, Yourbrains, Nuck-n-Futs, Imagaywa, and me, cloud-killed-by-doors!))


So basically, as the dynamic duo of Haikyuu!!, Quill and I decided that we absolutely needed to selfie with all the Volleyball Babes that we ran into at Otakon, and that we absolutely needed to be wearing shutter shades while taking these selfies. Unfortunately, we were only in this costume for a little while (because bald caps are a pain), but we met some absolutely AMAZING people! Thank you all so much for putting up with our ridiculousness, but it was amazing to meet all of you!

If you’re in any of these, please shoot me a message and I’ll credit you! ;u; <3

Okay this picture is over a year old but it is easily one of my favorite pictures of Inkypop and I for no real particular reason. So pardon the painfully old cosplay picture going up now, but I really needed it as a stand alone picture on my blog ;u;


A silly little makeup test of my Release-Form Hakkai for Jafax next weekend! My ears/wig/vine makeup came in the mail over the course of the week, and I picked up some fab-nails from Target today. Inkypop lovingly styled my wig and make fun of how dorky my mullet was constantly, too.

Still waiting on my gold contacts, which should be arriving next week! My overshirt for this is almost done, hence the generic black turtleneck. I’m excited to wear this on Saturday of Jafax ;u; <3