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southparkvoid  asked:

I wanna see Kyle and Cartman waking up in the same bed after a party night at Clyde's house ! (Btw awesome blog I love it, the cosplays are so good and the characters are perfect ^^)

Cartman: ….nuuu kitty that’s my corn beef cabbageee…

Kyle: …!!!!!!

Cartman: What the-…heheheheh fuck you Kahl.


Birthday Weeks | Legendary Week (Post of the Year)

Lady Thor (center on the last), Loki Laufeyson (left on the last), and Thor Odinson (right on the last) from Marvel Universe

Legendary Post: Lady Thor from Marvel Universe


Photographer: York In A Box [TW | FB | IN]

anonymous asked:

@Kenny, Do you ever wonder what it'd be like to date Tweek?

Kenny: I thought about it once. What I imagined, well…

Kenny: Craig can keep him. I think I’m good.

Torturing Tweek

Cartman: Welcome, my adoring fans.~ Today we’re kicking off a new segment I like to call “Torturing Tweek”. This time you’ll get to see this guy scare the pants off the neighborhood nut job. Check this out!

Tweek: Hnngh….the fuck is wrong with the lights around here…and why did Craig have to leave his jacket all the way down…AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! 

Cartman: ….hehehehe.